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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
The McDowall Suburb Run frysie Jun 1st 5.1km Running, Easy, Urban, Good surface
Passing through: Mcdowall, McDowall Run
Chermside West Run frysie Jun 1st 5.1km Running, On Road, Easy, Scenic
Passing through: Chermside West
campbelltown geoff7 May 30th 11km Walking, Hiking, Easy, Urban, Good surface
'The Downs' 6.6km Noarlunga run Rayladman May 28th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 6.6km
5.0km Christies Beach 'Squares' run Rayladman May 24th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 5km
Billion Year Walk, Riverwood vegvet May 23rd Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 2.6km Walking, Hiking, Easy, Scenic, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: 1bya - DAWN OF MULTICELLULAR LIFE, 900mya, 850-635MYA - SNOWBALL EARTH, 800mya, 780mya - Placozoans, 700mya, 635mya - The Ediacaran Period, 600mya, 542mya - THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION, 500mya - Lamprey & Hagfish, 465mya - PLANTS COLONISE THE LAND, 460-430mya - THE FIRST MASS EXTINCTION, 400mya, 375mya - FISH THAT WALK ON LAND, 320mya - DAWN OF THE REPTILES, 300mya - PANGAEA, 252mya - THE GREAT DYING, 220mya - HAIRY BEASTS, 201mya - THE TRIASSIC EXTINCTION, 201mya, 160mya - THE FIRST BIRDS, 130mya - FLOWER POWER, 65MYA - DEATH OF THE DINOSAURS, 60-55mya - THE FIRST PRIMATES EVOLVE, 32-25mya - SUPERCHARGED PLANTS, 13-7mya - THE FIRST HOMINIMS, 200kya - THE HUMAN RACE
Derevnya 1 alechko55 May 23rd 41.3km Offroad
Passing through: Derevnya 1
MR RRR GC MF GC RRR MR limgeoffrey May 19th Singapore > Singapore > Singapore 47.2km
Passing through: MR RRR GC MF GC RRR MR
sss026 Salt Pan Creek StrollingSenior May 19th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 13.5km Walking, Urban
Passing through: Riverwood
Naar Hollandse Rading Peter Boss May 16th Netherlands > Utrecht > Utrecht 18.2km Walking
Wavell Hieghts and back all road sarahannebest May 14th Australia > Queensland > Brisbane 13.7km Running, Intermediate
Passing through: Wavell Hieghts
Moscow City Tour | Москва Сити lizavetalarina May 13th Russia > Moskva > Moscow 5.1km Walking, Hiking, Offroad, Difficult, Urban, Safe, Poor surface
Barossa Half Marathon 24/05/2015. runRedRUN May 9th 19.7km Running, On Road, Easy, Scenic, Rural, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Faith Lutheran College. Tanunda. SA. Australia., Finish point.
Kramer Station to Work zhobbs May 8th United States > Texas > Cedar Park 6.3km
Home to Lakeline Station zhobbs May 8th United States > Texas > Cedar Park 7.8km
SSS025 North Harbour StrollingSenior May 6th Australia > New South Wales > Campbelltown 13.5km
Passing through: Balmoral, Chinamans Beach, Tha Spit, Manly
Surrey Hills 5k SammyX May 5th Australia > Victoria > Melbourne 5km
2a Lorne Grove to 'The Boulevard' nickedwards May 3rd 7.5km
5.3km Leitch Ave run Rayladman May 3rd Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 5.3km
6.2km Christies Beach (Elgin Ave) loop run Rayladman May 3rd Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 6.1km
6.3km Port Noalunga loop run Rayladman May 3rd Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 6.3km
5.4km Christies Beach loop Rayladman Apr 26th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 5.3km
Run A4 - 20.7km Tangari Park Woodcroft run Rayladman Apr 26th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 20.6km
Morphett Vale kerrin Apr 26th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 20.2km
Passing through: Albert Terrace Park
PI Codgers 004 Bislig StrollingSenior Apr 24th Philippines > Leyte > Tacloban City 2.4km
22.04.2015 Mysenkova Apr 23rd Russia > Sankt-Peterburg > Saint Petersburg 0km Walking
Grand-bay-16k rog_ski Apr 20th Canada > New Brunswick > Saint John 16.4km
5.6km Noarlunga loop Rayladman Apr 19th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 5.6km
Training Ride #3 halltp Apr 18th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 83.5km On Road
Passing through: Start
Cross-country route from Emmer Green to Henley with added Thames loop bengop Apr 16th United Kingdom > England > Reading 29.6km Walking, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Scenic, Rural
Passing through: Henley

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