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RSS [?] Running / Walking Routes submitted by davabb

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Found 18 routes in 0.001s

Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Saturday 3rd February 2018 davabb Jan 30th 16.2km
Passing through: MorphettVale
DavidsMeetMichelle10 davabb Apr 8th 9.9km
Saturday22102016 davabb Oct 17th 11.3km
15102016 davabb Oct 12th 20.5km
September 17th davabb Sep 16th 13.3km
Passing through: Sept17th
ZodiacToRamsayStreet(PinOakCt) davabb Jan 19th 7.1km
January 7th 5km 2016 davabb Jan 6th 5km
Passing through: Port Noarlunga
stadium from home davabb Oct 29th 8.1km
Passing through: Stadium
Saturday 26th October 2013 davabb Oct 20th 15.2km
Passing through: MorphettVale
September Run davabb Sep 27th 10.4km Running
Tuesday brighton run davabb Aug 5th 7.5km
HalletCove Run Saturday August 3rd davabb Jul 29th Australia > South Australia > Brighton 6.5km
Sasi Training run davabb Jun 17th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 5.4km
Torrens Loop davabb Apr 15th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 5.2km
Passing through: Adelaide Torrens Loop
ChristmasDayFanaticsRun davabb Dec 3rd 20.9km
Sunday City bay and bike run davabb Nov 26th Australia > South Australia > Reynella 18km
EFM 6 km Run davabb Nov 12th Australia > South Australia > Reynella 5.9km
7th October Half Marathon Prep 20k davabb Oct 2nd Australia > South Australia > Reynella 9.4km Running, Good surface
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