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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Codgers Gymea StrollingSenior Dec 28th 5.5km Walking, Scenic, Urban
Tan - Fitzroy gardens 9km matthewg Nov 8th 8.8km
18K na USP Racer_X Nov 6th Brazil > São Paulo > São Paulo 18km
SSC18 Poles Loop StrollingSenior Oct 22nd Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 15km Walking, Scenic, Urban, Safe
SSC004 Mt Annan StrollingSenior Oct 18th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 12.6km Walking, On Road, Easy, Scenic
6km Red House lcap Oct 12th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 6km
4K loop Kellypejic Oct 1st Canada > Ontario > Milton 4km
Narellan Codgers StrollingSenior Sep 27th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 4.7km Walking, On Road, Urban, Safe
Passing through: Narellan
4 mile Logus Loops agco Sep 26th United States > Oregon > Portland 6.1km Running, On Road, Urban
6km Round trip Obuibo Sep 11th Australia > Queensland > Brisbane 5.9km Walking, Easy, Scenic, Urban, Good surface
Passing through: Bulimba
Long bike beowulf7 Sep 9th 36.5km
16k Flattie beowulf7 Sep 4th 16.2km
Out & Back 10k beowulf7 Aug 28th 10.1km
Out & back 9 k beowulf7 Aug 28th 9km
22 mile bike beowulf7 Aug 28th 34.8km
Surry Hills Lunch Dash Rockyj_ Aug 27th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 4.5km Running, Walking, Urban
MQ 5km Loop Latho77 Aug 7th Oman > Masqat > Muscat 5.1km
Passing through: MQ 5km Loop
Peniscola beowulf7 Aug 5th 5.5km
5.2k loop Kellypejic Aug 2nd Canada > Ontario > Milton 5.2km
Cycle 33 kms beowulf7 Jul 28th 33.4km
To BW beowulf7 Jul 27th 3.1km
Heritage Run anna123 Jul 26th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 18km Running, Walking, On Road, Easy
Passing through: weir, Torrens Lake, Rotunda, Adelaide Festival Centre, Parliament House/ Government House, Edmund Wright House, Marine and Harbours Building, Moores Department Store, Beresford Arms, Ayers House, Brompton/Bowden, Burley Griffin Incinerator, Hoffman Kiln (Hallett), Thebarton Chimney and Boiler, Adelaide Gaol, Weir- END
Quickie BisonChris Jul 21st 2.9km
5k mounts beowulf7 Jul 20th 5km
4k bus beowulf7 Jul 20th 4.1km
Western Suburbs Slog Karynd1978 Jul 20th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 16.9km Running
Greenline West BisonChris Jul 20th 3.5km
Greenline BisonChris Jul 19th 4.9km
Out & back 4 mile 6 k beowulf7 Jul 18th 6.4km
Prospect loop Karynd1978 Jul 13th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 15.6km Running

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