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RSS [?] Running / Walking Routes submitted by vegvet

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Ancestor's Trail Hike vegvet Jun 23rd Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 12.5km Walking, Hiking, Easy, Scenic, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Erindale Park @ 8:00am, Choanoflagellates - 8:30am, 900mya, Sponges - 8:45am, Placozoans join 780mya @ 9:00am - Burhamthorpe Rd, 800mya, 800MYA, 780mya, Acoelomorphs join @ 9:30am - Wellesborough Place, Creditpointe Dr. Proto/Deuterostomes @ 9:45am, 630mya, 600MYA, 590mya, Jawless fish join @ 10:00am - Eglinton Road, 530mya, Sharks & Rays join @ 10:15am - 460mya - Portico Church (WR), 460mya, Ray finned fish join @ 10:30am - Barbertown x Mississauga Rd., 440mya, 420mya, 417mya, Lungfish join @ 10:45am - Reid Dr., 400MYA 2nd Major Extinction - Old Station Rd., 375mya, Amphibians join @ 11:00am - Vic Johnson Arena (WR), 340mya, Sauropsids join 310mya @ 11:15am, 3rd Major Extinction, 251mya, 230mya - Triassiac, 4th Major Extinction - Rivergrove CC (WR), 200MYA, Monotremes join @ 11:40am, Marsupials join @12:00pm - Britannia, Laurasiatheres join at 12:15n, 5th Great Extinction, END: 7 billion Humans @ 12:30p - Pinecliff Dr. Park
60k Earth History Trail vegvet Jul 28th Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 60.1km Walking, On Road, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Current Humankind starts journey backward in time meeting up with ancestors., 6mya - Rendezvous 1 - Chimpanzees and Bonobos join., 7mya - Rendezvous 2 - Gorillas join., 14mya - Rendezvous 3 - Orangutans join. Last 'great apes' to join., 18mya - Rendezvous 4 - Gibbons join., 25mya - Rendezvous 5 - Old world monkeys join. 'Drooping nose' Primates., 40mya - Rendezvous 6 - New world monkeys join., 58mya - Rendezvous 7 - Tarsiers join. Last 'dry nosed' Primate to join., 63mya - Rendezvous 8 - Lemurs and bushbabies join., 65mya, K-T Event (5th and Last Major) Extinction wiped out 35% of all species including dinosaurs., 70mya - Rendezvous 9 - Colugus and tree shrews (non-primate mammals) join., 75mya - Rendezvous 10 - Rodents and Rabbitkind join., 85mya - Rendezvous 11 - Laurasiatheres join. Dogs, horses, deer, bats, moles & whales., 95mya - Rendezvous 12 - Xenarthrans join. 'Strange vertebral joints' unite this group of Armadillos, sloths and anteaters., 105mya Rendezvous 13 - Afrotheres join as the last placenta...
Columbia River wetland lookout. vegvet Jun 2nd Canada > British Columbia > Cranbrook 3.4km Walking, Easy, Scenic, Good surface
Hoodoo trail vegvet Jun 2nd Canada > British Columbia > Cranbrook 2.4km Hiking, Offroad, Intermediate, Scenic, Good surface
Billion Year Walk, Riverwood vegvet May 23rd Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 2.6km Walking, Hiking, Easy, Scenic, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: 1bya - DAWN OF MULTICELLULAR LIFE, 900mya, 850-635MYA - SNOWBALL EARTH, 800mya, 780mya - Placozoans, 700mya, 635mya - The Ediacaran Period, 600mya, 542mya - THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION, 500mya - Lamprey & Hagfish, 465mya - PLANTS COLONISE THE LAND, 460-430mya - THE FIRST MASS EXTINCTION, 400mya, 375mya - FISH THAT WALK ON LAND, 320mya - DAWN OF THE REPTILES, 300mya - PANGAEA, 252mya - THE GREAT DYING, 220mya - HAIRY BEASTS, 201mya - THE TRIASSIC EXTINCTION, 201mya, 160mya - THE FIRST BIRDS, 130mya - FLOWER POWER, 65MYA - DEATH OF THE DINOSAURS, 60-55mya - THE FIRST PRIMATES EVOLVE, 32-25mya - SUPERCHARGED PLANTS, 13-7mya - THE FIRST HOMINIMS, 200kya - THE HUMAN RACE
Eatfit Apna Sunday Morning 9.5k vegvet Jan 8th Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 9.5km Walking, On Road, Intermediate, Good surface
Passing through: Streetsville Second Cup, Starbucks, Streetsville
Eatfit Sunday Apna/Clinic/Coffee Culture 8k vegvet Aug 22nd Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 7.8km Walking, On Road, Easy, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Pick up Pep & MaryAnn, Pick up Valens & Wanda, Coffee Culture, Clinic
Eatfit Daily morning Apna walk 5.5k vegvet Aug 22nd Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 5.4km Walking, On Road, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: First Stretch, Second Stretch point, Third stretch point
Eatfit Clinic/Culham/Timmys Sunday morning walk vegvet Aug 22nd Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 6.8km Walking, Easy, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Mississauga, Timmy's Break, Back Home!
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