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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Office to Midrand station (via Bridal Veil) Benna_80 Jul 25th South Africa > Gauteng > Midrand 6.2km Running
SSS036 Illawarra StrollingSenior Jul 24th Australia > New South Wales > Wollongong 17.9km Walking, Intermediate, Scenic
Passing through: Shellharbour
SSL002 Cabuynan to Cogon River StrollingSenior Jul 21st 14.6km Walking, Scenic
Passing through: Tanauan
Codgers Bankstown StrollingSenior Jul 10th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 5.8km Walking, Easy, Scenic, Urban, Safe
Passing through: Bankstown
32km RD lcap Jun 30th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 31km
30km beach run lcap Jun 22nd Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 29.3km
SSM002 Port StrollingSenior Jun 19th Philippines > Manila > Manila 12km Walking, Urban
Passing through: Malate
Transforming Atlanta's Infrastructure bkatz Jun 17th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 22.6km Urban
Haflinger - Hollandsche Rading en retour Peter Boss Jun 10th Netherlands > Utrecht > Utrecht 23.7km
SSC 008 NE Minto StrollingSenior Jun 9th Australia > New South Wales > Campbelltown 13.6km Intermediate, Urban, Safe
Belt line beginning MTN bike skils jguerra Jun 8th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 2.2km
SSC001 St Andrews - North StrollingSenior Jun 7th Australia > New South Wales > Campbelltown 12.9km Walking, On Road, Easy, Urban, Safe
Passing through: Campbelltown
The Phoenix Tour - 2016 jdwisard Jun 6th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 24.6km
Codgers North Head StrollingSenior Jun 4th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 4.9km Walking, Easy
Belle Vista Cafe StrollingSenior May 30th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 6.5km Walking
Passing through: Manly
LSBC to Marine Parade 17Km khtan Apr 30th Singapore > Singapore > Singapore 16.9km
15Km from LSBC khtan Apr 29th Singapore > Singapore > Singapore 15.1km
Moonee Ponds Creek tayls144 Apr 27th 10.6km Running, Walking, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Boeing Res to Ormond Pk
12K home-fallowfield-via-path rog_ski Apr 24th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 6km Running, On Road, Offroad, Intermediate, Scenic, Rural, Safe
Glen Alpine Walk 93bec Apr 24th Australia > New South Wales > Campbelltown 8.8km Walking
Passing through: Ambarvale / Glen Alpine
Pretoria Bridge Canal run Spherical Apr 18th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 0km Running
barb's long run Barb Apr 15th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 13.2km Running
A Start radicalplastic Apr 2nd Canada > Alberta > Calgary 2.8km Running, Walking, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Urban, Safe
HSS 10km AMK khtan Mar 31st Singapore > Singapore > Singapore 9.8km
RR Camp 5KM khtan Mar 23rd Singapore > Singapore > Singapore 5.5km
Rouse Hill StrollingSenior Mar 22nd Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 5.1km Walking
14.2 around grenfield rog_ski Mar 21st 14.1km Running, Walking, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Intermediate, Urban, Safe
Passing through: Ottawa
Ottawa Cycling loop catherine Mar 20th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 40.4km
Hong Kong StrollingSenior Mar 17th Hong Kong (SAR) > Hong Kong (SAR) > Hong Kong 4.4km Walking, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Hong Kong
Beginners Route Louschia Mar 15th Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 1.9km Walking, On Road, Easy
Passing through: Lets get Started

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