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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
прогулка прекрасным летним днем YahikoSpb Jun 14th Russia > Sankt-Peterburg > Saint Petersburg 7.9km
Labrador to HBF mrt pebbli Jun 12th Singapore > Singapore > Singapore 5.1km
Peace Bridge DT Calgary alir42 Jun 11th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 4.7km
Longer training run. runRedRUN Jun 9th 21km Running, On Road, Intermediate, Scenic, Rural, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: WM Hunt Reserve (Porties), 1 k point., Wooden River walk bridge ., Perry's Bend, 2k point., 3K point., 4k point., 5k point., 6k point., 8k point., Now on Hazeltine Drive, left onto The Crescent., Grand Boulevard, 9k point., 10k point., 12k point., 13k point, 14k point., 15K point., 16k point., stairs up to Jane's place., 17k point., 18k point., 19k point., 20k point., TURN AROUND., 21k point., 21.1k END!
Balmain pyrmont the rocks lady mac chair Hyde park pyrmont Balmain Pev Jun 4th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 15.3km Running, On Road, Intermediate, Urban, Good surface
Winter Hill - Cookham - Winter Hill Johnno1234 Jun 3rd United Kingdom > England > Marlow 7.4km Walking, Hiking, Offroad, Intermediate, Scenic, Rural
Point Addis Ironbark Basin bas64 Jun 2nd Australia > Victoria > Geelong 11.1km Running, Walking, Easy, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
13km run split_city Jun 1st Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 13.1km
Regatta Centre 5 KM MooMobile May 28th Australia > New South Wales > Penrith 5km Running, Walking, On Road, Easy, Good surface
SydneyFarmCove-LunaPark-DarlingHarbour-HydePark Pev May 26th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 14.7km Running, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Sydney
4 k walk jam May 26th Australia > Queensland > Brisbane 4.1km Walking, Easy, Safe
Passing through: ST lucia
W loop (1500m) runforest May 14th Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 1.5km Running, Offroad, Scenic, Safe
5.2km Christies Beach run (supporting SR wk 3) Rayladman May 13th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 5.2km
19 K Canal-City route Bloggins May 13th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 18.6km Running
Passing through: Start
Porties towards McLV on 'old' train route. runRedRUN May 11th 10km Running, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Intermediate, Rural, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Port Noarlunga., On 'old' train track bituminised. Cross river., Seaford Meadows Train Station., Cross over Seaford Road -actually., 5k point., Lynton Tce - 6k point., Cross Griffiths Drive., Cross over Endeavour Drive., Cross Barbados Drive in Seaford Rise., Seaford Rise @ 8k point., Cross track under Main South Road., 9k point = turn-around of 18k., 9.5k point., Over wooden bridge, end white lines is 10k.
2014-05-04_Arnaud+Nico_29.5km lremmy May 9th Luxembourg > Luxembourg > Luxembourg 29.3km Running, Offroad, Easy, Rural, Safe, Good surface
18 K City Route Bloggins May 9th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 18km
Passing through: Start
16 K Canal Route Bloggins May 9th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 15.8km Running
Passing through: Start
Turgutreis-Aspat erkansehirli May 7th Turkey > Mugla > Bodrum 6km Walking, Scenic, Urban
12 K Canal Route Bloggins May 7th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 12km Running
Passing through: Start
7 K Canal route Bloggins May 6th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 7.2km Running
Passing through: Start
3 K Canal Route Bloggins May 6th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 3.1km
Passing through: Start
5 K Canal route Bloggins May 6th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 4.9km Running
10 K Canal Route Bloggins May 6th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 9.4km
Pelverata Falls PeterJF May 3rd Australia > Tasmania > Hobart 8km Walking, Hiking, Intermediate, Scenic, Poor surface
Passing through: Top of scree, Car park
Camlık road to Torba erkansehirli May 3rd Turkey > Mugla > Bodrum 14.4km
Carindale 4.5km barrow Apr 29th Australia > Queensland > Brisbane 4.4km Running, Walking, Intermediate, Scenic, Safe
Porties to Moana, Seaford Rise & back River Rd. runRedRUN Apr 26th 18.5km Running, On Road, Offroad, Intermediate, Rural, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Porties WM Hunt Reserve, WM Hunt Reserve -FINISH @ 18.6k.
Run A9 - 5.3km Seaford-Onkaparinga River 'Away' run Rayladman Apr 26th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 5.3km
so you had buttery toast for breakfast... eleanorcat Apr 25th Australia > Victoria > Melbourne 15.6km Running, On Road, Intermediate, Safe

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