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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
1.5 park loop to north rd nickedwards Sep 3rd 6.1km
CWC5 Arado StrollingSenior Aug 30th Philippines > Leyte > Tacloban City 5.1km
WCD3 Pasil StrollingSenior Aug 28th Philippines > Leyte > Tacloban City 5.5km
Passing through: Pasil
WCDs Solano StrollingSenior Aug 28th Philippines > Leyte > Tacloban City 9.8km Walking, On Road, Easy, Safe
25.08.15 РАН, Воробьевы горы, Ленинкий пр-т, Замоскворечье lizavetalarina Aug 26th Russia > Moskva > Moscow 14.6km Walking, Hiking, On Road, Intermediate, Urban, Safe, Poor surface, Good surface
jammo park red bear Aug 25th Australia > New South Wales > Penrith 2.5km
Passing through: jammo
Isabella - Bank - Landsdowne hjforsyth Aug 25th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 4km Walking
gatineau: 3 to lookout rog_ski Aug 20th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 19.2km
gatineau parc: lot3 rog_ski Aug 18th 11.3km Running, Walking, Hiking, Offroad, Intermediate, Difficult, Scenic
Gatineau parc: luskville tower rog_ski Aug 18th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 12.2km Running, Walking, Hiking, Offroad, Difficult, Scenic, Poor surface
H4H-Downtown rd1 Aug 18th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 5.8km Walking, Easy, Urban
SSS029 Flat Rock Gully StrollingSenior Aug 13th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 9.2km
6.9km The Grand loop run Rayladman Aug 6th Australia > South Australia > Adelaide 6.8km
20150805 katycoachswim Aug 6th United States > Texas > Katy 30.7km
Elwood to Grey St nickedwards Aug 5th 5.7km
SSS28 The Gong StrollingSenior Jul 30th Australia > New South Wales > Wollongong 17.8km
60k Earth History Trail vegvet Jul 28th Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 60.1km Walking, On Road, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Current Humankind starts journey backward in time meeting up with ancestors., 6mya - Rendezvous 1 - Chimpanzees and Bonobos join., 7mya - Rendezvous 2 - Gorillas join., 14mya - Rendezvous 3 - Orangutans join. Last 'great apes' to join., 18mya - Rendezvous 4 - Gibbons join., 25mya - Rendezvous 5 - Old world monkeys join. 'Drooping nose' Primates., 40mya - Rendezvous 6 - New world monkeys join., 58mya - Rendezvous 7 - Tarsiers join. Last 'dry nosed' Primate to join., 63mya - Rendezvous 8 - Lemurs and bushbabies join., 65mya, K-T Event (5th and Last Major) Extinction wiped out 35% of all species including dinosaurs., 70mya - Rendezvous 9 - Colugus and tree shrews (non-primate mammals) join., 75mya - Rendezvous 10 - Rodents and Rabbitkind join., 85mya - Rendezvous 11 - Laurasiatheres join. Dogs, horses, deer, bats, moles & whales., 95mya - Rendezvous 12 - Xenarthrans join. 'Strange vertebral joints' unite this group of Armadillos, sloths and anteaters., 105mya Rendezvous 13 - Afrotheres join as the last placenta...
Vélo JF et Alyssa tifffanny Jul 27th Canada > Quebec > Gatineau 9.1km
Passing through: Maison
Thymewood hjforsyth Jul 23rd Canada > Nova Scotia > Halifax 4.5km
run to battersea spreadjoy Jul 15th United Kingdom > England > London 14.3km
NS - Balmain Home Run Latho77 Jul 14th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 9.1km
SSS027 Tiger Territory StrollingSenior Jul 12th Australia > New South Wales > Sydney 13km
Passing through: Rozelle, Balmain
Elsty Loop nickedwards Jun 28th 2.8km
Elsty Loop 1 - Twice around the GC nickedwards Jun 28th 4.6km
Elsty Loop 2 - twice around the park nickedwards Jun 28th 4.4km
false creek east Sdh Jun 27th Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver 2.4km
The Antonine Wall 7 Polmont to Bo'ness biokjb Jun 27th United Kingdom > Scotland > Falkirk 10.9km Walking, Offroad, Easy, Rural, Urban
Passing through: The Black Bull - Polmont., Site of Kinneil Roman Fort., Anchor Tavern - Bo'ness., Bo'Ness., Kinningars Park.
The Antonine Wall 6 Falkirk to Polmont biokjb Jun 27th United Kingdom > Scotland > Falkirk 10.8km Walking, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Urban
Passing through: Greenbank Place - Falkirk., The Falkirk Tunnel., The Woodside Inn - Falkirk., Callendar House., The Black Bull - Polmont.
The Antonine Wall 5 Castlecary to Falkirk biokjb Jun 26th United Kingdom > Scotland > Falkirk 12km Walking, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Rural, Urban
Passing through: Napier Road - Castlecary., Site of Castlecary Roman Fort., Bonny Bridge., The Bridge Inn - Bonnybridge., The Falkirk Wheel., The Canal Inn - Falkirk.
The Antonine Wall 4 Kirkintilloch to Castlecary biokjb Jun 26th United Kingdom > Scotland > Glasgow 13.1km Walking, On Road, Offroad, Intermediate, Rural
Passing through: Ellisland - Kirkintilloch., The Antonine Arms - Twechar., Remains of Bar Hill Roman Fort., Site of Croy Hill Roman Fort., Site of Westerwood Roman Fort., Napier Road - Castlecary.

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