Canada > Alberta > Calgary : Calgary Marathon 2009  
by mhlamont


The way points of this running / walking route:

12 Street NE

turn south on 12th Street NE

Memorial Drive Overpass

turn Westward

Baines Bridge


12th Street Bridge NE

9th Ave SE


21st Ave NE

turn west on 21st Ave

Spiller Rd

turn north on Spiller Rd

MacDonald Ave

turn west on MacDonald

MacDonald Bridge

cross over

7th Street

turn south/west on 7th Street

12th Ave

west on 12th Ave

Olympic Way

turn north on Olympic Way

11th Ave

turn west on 11th Ave

MacLeod Trail

turn south on MacLeod Trail

17th Ave

west on 17th Ave

14th Street SW

north on 14th Street

Memorial Drive NW

west on Memorial Drive

Shaganappi Trail

north on Shaganappi Trail

32nd Ave

east on 32nd Ave

39th Street

south on 39th Street

West Campus Rd

East on West Campus Rd

Campus Utility Rd

south on Campus Utility Rd

24th Ave

east on 24th Ave

University Dr


Campus Gate

north on Campus Gate

Campus Dr

east/north/west on Campus Dr

32nd Ave

West on 32nd Ave

Shaganappi Tr


50th Street

north on 50th Street

40th Ave

West on 40th Ave

53rd Street

North on 53rd Street

Varsity Estates Drive


53rd Street

South on 53rd Street

40th Ave

East on 40th Ave

50th Street

South on 50th Street

32nd Ave

East on 32nd Ave

Shaganappi Trail

South on Shaganappi Tr

Bowness Rd

East on Bowness Rd/3rd Ave/Memorial Drive

Edmonton Trail NE

North on Edmonton Trail

1st Ave NE

East on 1st Ave

6th Street

south on 6th Street

Centre Ave NE

Finish Line

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