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RSS [?] Running & Walking Routes in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
10kcirclerunMckenzielake michellek Apr 24th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 9.5km Running, Walking, Hiking, On Road, Offroad, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Mckenzie Lake Calgary
12km Training Walk onewalk May 24th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 12.4km Walking, Safe, Good surface
Calgary Sleep Walk 1 cshP Feb 15th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 5km Walking, Easy, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Downtown Bow River
A Start radicalplastic Apr 2nd Canada > Alberta > Calgary 2.8km Running, Walking, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Urban, Safe
Peace Bridge DT Calgary alir42 Jun 11th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 4.7km
Carburn and Beaver Dam Flats kstaples Feb 14th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 4.4km Running, Walking, Easy, Safe
Just a run around the park gange72 Sep 17th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 4.6km Running, Walking, On Road, Easy, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Lakeview
24 April 2012 - Route 1 kdaniels Apr 23rd Canada > Alberta > Calgary 3.1km Walking
Passing through: Route 1
work lunch corisan Sep 22nd Canada > Alberta > Calgary 6.1km Running, Walking, Easy, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: 6th Ave & 6th St SW, Detour at 1st Ave SW, onto bike path by Peace Bridge, pass by first bridge, pass under 2nd bridge, continue on bike path to 14th street, head up the 14th street bridge, take the path back to bike path, stay on paved path, cross memorial, follow detour to north side of Memorial, take stairs up to Eau Claire bridge, cross bridge, veer left around lagoon, cross tiny bridge, head right towards Eau Claire, follow path back to 6th street detour, take 6th back to office
elbow river run Styney Jun 22nd Canada > Alberta > Calgary 4.5km Running, Intermediate, Scenic, Safe
Glenmore Reservoir SensibleCreeper Sep 20th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 14.8km Running, Walking, Intermediate, Scenic, Good surface
Lady McDonald Tea House jfrenzel Apr 16th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 8.4km Hiking, Offroad, Difficult, Scenic, Safe, Poor surface, Good surface
Passing through: Trail head in Canmore
Burstall Pass jfrenzel Sep 22nd Canada > Alberta > Calgary 15.5km Hiking, Offroad, Intermediate, Scenic, Poor surface, Good surface
Passing through: Burstal Pass, River crossing
Karst springs jfrenzel Sep 22nd Canada > Alberta > Calgary 14.2km Hiking, Offroad, Easy, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Karst Springs , Mount Shark parking lot
Waterton to CAD-US border jfrenzel Sep 22nd Canada > Alberta > Calgary 6.5km Hiking, Offroad, Intermediate, Scenic
Passing through: Waterton, Bertha Bay, Border Bay, C/US Border
5km route helenk Sep 2nd Canada > Alberta > Calgary 4.9km
Calgary Marathon 2009 mhlamont Jul 8th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 41.2km
Passing through: 12 Street NE, Memorial Drive Overpass, Baines Bridge, 12th Street Bridge NE, 9th Ave SE, 21st Ave NE, Spiller Rd, MacDonald Ave, MacDonald Bridge, 7th Street, 12th Ave, Olympic Way, 11th Ave, MacLeod Trail, 17th Ave, 14th Street SW, Memorial Drive NW, Shaganappi Trail, 32nd Ave, 39th Street, West Campus Rd, Campus Utility Rd, 24th Ave, University Dr, Campus Gate, Campus Dr, Shaganappi Tr, 50th Street, 40th Ave, 53rd Street, Varsity Estates Drive, Bowness Rd, Edmonton Trail NE, 1st Ave NE, 6th Street, Centre Ave NE
Glenmore Resevoir mhlamont Feb 19th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 13.6km Running, Walking
Passing through: Glenmore Landing, Glenmore Pathway, the Point, Glenmore Sailing Club, Trail option, South Glenmore Park, Weaselhead Natural Area, Bridge, Elbow River, North Glenmore Park, North Glenmore Point , Glenmore Rowing Club, Earl Grey Golf Course, Longridge Dr, Glenmore Trail Overpass, Langrille Rd, 20th Street, 58th Ave, 19th Street, 56th Ave, Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, Glenmore Dam, Glenmore Trail, Rockyview Hospital, Eagle Ridge, Heritage Park, Finish
Calgary Mother's Day 10km mhlamont Feb 19th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 9.9km Running
Passing through: Mother's Day Start Line, 5th Street SW, 1 km, 17th Ave, 2 km, 25th Ave, Elbow Drive, 3 km, Elbow River, 4 km, Lansdowne Ave, Crescent Blvd, 42nd Ave, 5 km, 1A Street, 34th Ave, 6 km, 4th Street, Mission Road, 7 km, Elbow Dr/26th Ave, 8 km, 10th Ave, 9 km, Macleod Trail, Finish Line
Talisman Centre - South Run mhlamont Feb 18th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 10.9km Running
Passing through: Elbow River Pathway, 25th Ave, Spiller Rd, Union Cemetery, Macleod Trail overpass, 31st Ave, Erlton St, 34th Ave, Elbow River escarpment, pathway, Elbow River pathway, Riverdale Ave, Bridge, hill, River Park, 38th Ave, 13th St, 10th St, Premier Way, Hillcrest Ave, Hamilton St/2nd St, 21st Ave, Elbow River, Talisman Centre
edworthy to crowchild loop runnergirl Sep 9th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 7.4km
Mt. Norquay Rd From Hockey Rink jessicagreguol Aug 14th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 7km Running, Walking, Hiking, On Road, Difficult
Passing through: Banff, Mt. Norquay Rd from Hockey Rink
10k Griffith Woods benoitquemar May 5th Canada > Alberta > Calgary 9.9km
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