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RSS [?] Running & Walking Routes in Ontario, Canada

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Extended Route (Shelley's old house + Haggart Side Road) Artie Jul 16th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 15.4km
Ottawa River Parkway -- Britannia to Parliament kbub6f Jul 16th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 13km Running, Walking, Offroad, Easy, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
Extended Bike Route - June 2010 - Artie Artie Jun 26th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 6.2km
Extended Zoo Loop mfowlie Jun 16th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 74.6km On Road, Intermediate, Urban
Bike Route (Fairfield) artielane Jun 14th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 3.8km
Jen and Artie walk route - one lap artielane May 26th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 1.4km
Long bike to Shell's old house - one way artielane May 26th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 5.2km
bike route one-way - Artie artielane May 26th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 2.6km
To Hogs and back 17km loop sammychaps May 2nd Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 17km
dows lake loop plus sammychaps Mar 16th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 15.3km
Landsdowne loop plus Pretoria x 2 sammychaps Mar 10th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 11.8km
Bronson 8k sammychaps Nov 26th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 8.2km
Dundas/Clendenan/Bloor/Pacific/Dundas Junctionrunclub Aug 27th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 3.7km
Beginner's Run Junctionrunclub Aug 27th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 3.2km
Saturday morning walk anything May 24th Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 12.8km Walking, On Road, Offroad, Intermediate, Scenic, Safe
Passing through: Mississauga
Liberty village to lake through go train station gabe17 May 24th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 1.4km
Champlain to Chaudière Bridge Loop 11km slyfink May 9th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 11.1km Running, Easy, Scenic, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: hull, taché, Chaudière Bridge, Riverside Pathway, Back at Parking Lot
Thornbury 1 inaraa May 6th Canada > Ontario > Collingwood 3.8km Running
Bloor and Islington 2 inaraa May 6th Canada > Ontario > Etobicoke 7.6km Running, Easy, Safe, Good surface
Bloor and Islington inaraa May 6th Canada > Ontario > Etobicoke 6.2km Running, Easy, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Kens House
Aviation & RCMP DPD Mar 20th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 6.4km Walking, Good surface
Residential Neighbourhood hpoon Jan 31st Canada > Ontario > Toronto 1.8km Running, Walking, Easy, Safe, Good surface
Hamilton Around the Bay ericwilliams Dec 16th Canada > Ontario > Hamilton 30.3km Running, On Road, Intermediate, Urban, Good surface
Walk for Change Route nbparsons Sep 24th Canada > Ontario > Scarborough 4km
Andrew Haydon Park - Brittania Beach Route tmcleod Aug 18th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 2.6km Running, Walking, Scenic, Good surface
Tanguay Route 2.4km tmcleod Aug 18th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 2.4km Running, Walking, Rural
Stouffville 104K Loop mfowlie May 22nd Canada > Ontario > Stouffville 104.6km On Road, Intermediate, Rural
Passing through: Stouffville
lunch route marcar Apr 23rd Canada > Ontario > Brockville 3.3km Running, On Road
Hwy29 - cottage via Temperance Lake marcar Apr 21st Canada > Ontario > Brockville 22.3km Running, Offroad
15k Erbsville loop Mar 24th Canada > Ontario > Waterloo 14.9km Running, Easy, Rural, Urban, Safe

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