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RSS [?] Running & Walking Routes in Ontario, Canada

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
12.6km run Dec 20th Canada > Ontario > Waterloo 12.6km Running
12km loop from Uptown to Erbsville and Columbia Nov 27th Canada > Ontario > Waterloo 11.8km Running, Intermediate
Glebe to Vanier run slyfink Nov 21st Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 5km
Passing through: Vanier
Laurelwood 9.5km loop Nov 20th Canada > Ontario > Waterloo 9.5km Running, Easy
5.5 km loop Nov 15th Canada > Ontario > Waterloo 5.5km Running, Easy
7.5km path around Columbia lake Nov 13th Canada > Ontario > Waterloo 7.5km Running, Intermediate, Scenic
Hill Training Nov 8th Canada > Ontario > Waterloo 9.6km Running, Intermediate
November 4 2007 jyjyjy818181 Nov 2nd Canada > Ontario > Toronto 81.3km
WAGG95 jyjyjy818181 Sep 27th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 95.4km
Wagg Road jyjyjy818181 Sep 26th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 113.5km
Sunday30thSept jyjyjy818181 Sep 24th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 114.8km
Scotiabank Half Marathon btyndall Sep 18th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 21.6km Running, On Road, Intermediate, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Elgin Mills to Lake Simcoe cleanthinking Sep 1st Canada > Ontario > Toronto 117.8km
FirstAM boardvett Aug 30th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 43.5km
Keswick jyjyjy818181 Aug 29th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 109.8km
Charleston to Brockville - bike route marcar Aug 25th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 36.4km On Road
Run To Stouffville jyjyjy81 Aug 24th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 86.7km
I Surfed the Webb jyjyjy81 Aug 24th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 97.8km
Shorter26th jyjyjy818181 Aug 23rd Canada > Ontario > Toronto 88.5km
ADD on26th jyjyjy818181 Aug 23rd Canada > Ontario > Toronto 17.4km
Sunday 26th jyjyjy818181 Aug 23rd Canada > Ontario > Toronto 101km
RideForKaren jyjyjy818181 Aug 21st Canada > Ontario > Toronto 153km
TourdeClaremont jyjyjy818181 Aug 17th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 97.8km
Sunday19th jyjyjy818181 Aug 15th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 87.1km
WednesdayNight jyjyjy818181 Aug 15th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 39.5km
Sunday12th jyjyjy81 Aug 10th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 101.6km
Rideau Canal & Rideau River tapastk Jul 18th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 16.9km
Bike ride to Tianna's darlene_lapointe Jun 25th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 13.5km
Don Mills jyjyjy818181 Jun 16th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 84.2km
3.5km Navantis Lunch Walk btyndall Jun 8th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 3.5km

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