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RSS [?] Running & Walking Routes in Canada

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Eatfit Daily morning Apna walk 5.5k vegvet Aug 22nd Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 5.4km Walking, On Road, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: First Stretch, Second Stretch point, Third stretch point
Eatfit Clinic/Culham/Timmys Sunday morning walk vegvet Aug 22nd Canada > Ontario > Mississauga 6.8km Walking, Easy, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Mississauga, Timmy's Break, Back Home!
Long route - Aug 2010 - one way (22km round trip) Artie Aug 22nd Canada > Ontario > Brockville 10.9km
Experimental Farm & Arboritum Area, Ottawa, Canada labelle.estelle Aug 12th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 4.7km Running, Walking, Easy, Scenic, Rural, Urban, Safe
Passing through: Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Canada
12,1 km Mt-Royal 08/08/2010 marmen Aug 10th Canada > Quebec > Montreal 12km Running
The great wascana lake luispizarro25 Jul 31st Canada > Saskatchewan > Regina 9.8km
Extended Route (Shelley's old house + Haggart Side Road) Artie Jul 16th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 15.4km
starting point rosaOza Jul 16th Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver 10.9km
Ottawa River Parkway -- Britannia to Parliament kbub6f Jul 16th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 13km Running, Walking, Offroad, Easy, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
15.2 nanaimo run Brijax29 Jul 3rd Canada > British Columbia > Nanaimo 24.4km
Extended Bike Route - June 2010 - Artie Artie Jun 26th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 6.2km
Extended Zoo Loop mfowlie Jun 16th Canada > Ontario > Toronto 74.6km On Road, Intermediate, Urban
Bike Route (Fairfield) artielane Jun 14th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 3.8km
Mt-Royal 10k marmen Jun 10th Canada > Quebec > Montreal 10.2km Running, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Mt-Royal
Mt-Royal 11k marmen Jun 9th Canada > Quebec > Montreal 10.9km Running
Jen and Artie walk route - one lap artielane May 26th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 1.4km
Long bike to Shell's old house - one way artielane May 26th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 5.2km
bike route one-way - Artie artielane May 26th Canada > Ontario > Brockville 2.6km
To Hogs and back 17km loop sammychaps May 2nd Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 17km
Deux Montagnes 8.2 Km Agustin Apr 30th Canada > Quebec > Montreal 8.2km Running, On Road, Intermediate
Passing through: Deux-Montagnes
10k Seawall run from Costco woodway Apr 27th Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver 5km
Deux-Montagnes Agustin Apr 25th Canada > Quebec > Montreal 7km
Passing through: Deux Montagnes 8 Km
Seawall Route from Aquatic Centre pass English Bay kwong Apr 20th Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver 8.8km Running, Walking, On Road, Easy, Urban, Safe, Good surface
King Edward/Cambie neighborhood stroll Galeac Apr 19th Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver 3.8km Walking, Easy, Good surface
Queen E loop Galeac Apr 19th Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver 4.9km Scenic
Deux-Montagnes Agustin Apr 17th Canada > Quebec > Laval 4.9km Running, On Road, Easy, Urban, Safe
Passing through: Deux-Montagnes
Val-d'Or marmen Apr 16th Canada > Quebec > Val-d'Or 6.2km Running, On Road, Good surface
Richmond North Dyke / River Road kwong Apr 11th Canada > British Columbia > Richmond 7.3km Running, Walking, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Scenic, Urban, Safe, Good surface
10 Km Out and Back Sea Wall Science World to English Bay Oceaninmyeyes Mar 30th Canada > British Columbia > Vancouver 5.5km Running, Walking, On Road, Intermediate, Scenic, Urban, Good surface
dows lake loop plus sammychaps Mar 16th Canada > Ontario > Ottawa 15.3km

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