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by boggz


The way points of this running / walking route:

Start, court house parking lot

Start of a nice downhill run all the way to Euclid

Killer steep but short climb up to the parking lot.

Road section for a bit. Downhill to Bastanchury and then pretty flat.

Back on to trail. Start of a gradual but long uphill grade.

Short steep climb to the street.

Cement trail, smooth, uphill, long.

Back on dirt.

Steep downhill. There is an alterrnate path off to the left.

Back on cement. Easy spin on a rolling bike path.

Pain starts here. Beginning of much climbing

Top of the climb.

Long downhill to the street.

Tricky climg, somewhat steep and long with rail raod ties across the path.

Banzi downhill to Euclid.

Little scramble up into the hills above the horse facility.

Easy flat trail along the lake.

On to the rail road bed, gradual downhill grade.

Hang a left after the train bridge and down the short hill.

Trail runs along the train tracks. Flat trail goes under Harbor..

Really tight low-gear up-hill u-turn

Downhill to golf course.

Cut under street via the drainage tunnel.

Sandy rolling trail through the flood drainage area.

There are multiple trails through this area.

Turn left here to go up to Brea and Bastanchury.

Drop gears, steep climb

Levels off.

Steep downhill to street.

Straigh run down Harbor to home

cut through parking lot.

Home. good ride!

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