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This is a cue sheet for the Fullerton Loop bicycle trail Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km Start, court house parking lot SSE 136° 66.2m
0.1km 0.1km NW 306° 67.4m
0.3km 0.2km NNW 321° 69.5m
0.4km 0.1km NNW 344° 70.6m
1.3km 0.9km Start of a nice downhill run all the way to Euclid SSW 202° 80.1m
1.4km 0.1km SSW 195° 73.8m
1.6km 0.2km WSW 231° 73.2m
1.7km 0.1km SW 219° 70.8m
1.9km 0.3km WSW 230° 66.3m
2.1km 0.1km W 263° 61m
2.1km 0.1km WSW 238° 60.4m
2.2km 0.1km WSW 231° 59.9m
2.3km 0.1km WNW 270° 59.9m
2.4km 0.1km WSW 247° 58m
2.6km 0.2km WNW 276° 55.3m
2.6km 0km WSW 225° 60.9m
2.7km 0km WSW 242° 61.7m
2.7km 0km SSW 196° 61.1m
2.8km 0.1km Killer steep but short climb up to the parking lot. W 266° 54.3m
2.8km 0.1km Road section for a bit. Downhill to Bastanchury and then pretty flat. W 262° 62.9m
2.9km 0.1km W 270° 64.9m
3.5km 0.6km NW 313° 47.4m
3.5km 0km NE 34° 46m
3.6km 0.1km WNW 276° 50.5m
3.7km 0.1km NE 25° 50.6m
4.1km 0.4km NW 307° 53.3m
4.2km 0.1km NE 36° 55.8m
4.2km 0km Back on to trail. Start of a gradual but long uphill grade. NW 302° 55.7m
4.3km 0.1km NNW 340° 60.1m
4.5km 0.2km NNW 336° 65.2m
4.6km 0.1km NE 30° 65.7m
4.8km 0.1km NNE 75.4m
5km 0.2km Short steep climb to the street. NNW 359° 86.1m
5km 0km NNW 354° 81.4m
5.1km 0km Cement trail, smooth, uphill, long. NNW 320° 79.9m
5.1km 0.1km NNW 338° 77m
5.3km 0.2km NNW 359° 84.5m
5.4km 0.1km NNE 18° 90.2m
5.5km 0.1km ENE 45° 96.7m
5.7km 0.2km NNW 315° 109.8m
5.7km 0.1km NE 43° 111.9m
5.8km 0km Back on dirt. NNW 350° 114.4m
5.8km 0km WNW 270° 115.3m
5.9km 0.1km WSW 227° 127.3m
6.1km 0.2km WNW 276° 118.1m
6.1km 0km SW 214° 116.5m
6.2km 0km Steep downhill. There is an alterrnate path off to the left. W 265° 115.6m
6.3km 0.1km WSW 231° 95.3m
6.4km 0.1km SW 224° 90.4m
6.5km 0.1km WNW 274° 88m
6.6km 0.1km W 269° 95.1m
6.6km 0.1km W 262° 92.2m
6.7km 0km SW 221° 99.3m
6.7km 0km W 265° 99.5m
6.8km 0km Back on cement. Easy spin on a rolling bike path. WNW 291° 99.1m
6.9km 0.1km WNW 276° 99.2m
7.1km 0.2km WNW 286° 102.2m
7.2km 0.2km WNW 272° 113.3m
7.3km 0.1km WNW 273° 114.6m
7.4km 0km WNW 289° 113.9m
7.5km 0.1km W 256° 99.6m
7.9km 0.4km Pain starts here. Beginning of much climbing NNE 19° 98.4m
8.4km 0.4km ENE 61° 120.2m
8.8km 0.4km NE 32° 126.9m
9km 0.2km ENE 55° 135.4m
9.3km 0.3km WSW 243° 143.7m
9.3km 0km Top of the climb. E 77° 148.2m
9.6km 0.3km Long downhill to the street. ESE 92° 132.3m
9.9km 0.3km E 85° 126.5m
10.2km 0.3km ESE 107° 113.9m
10.4km 0.2km Tricky climg, somewhat steep and long with rail raod ties across the path. ENE 50° 127.1m
10.7km 0.3km SE 128° 144.3m
11km 0.3km Banzi downhill to Euclid. E 90° 117.4m
11.4km 0.5km ENE 57° 82m
11.6km 0.2km ESE 106° 82.4m
11.9km 0.3km Little scramble up into the hills above the horse facility. NE 23° 92.6m
12.1km 0.2km NNE 11° 100.1m
12.4km 0.2km NNE 95.2m
12.4km 0.1km Easy flat trail along the lake. NE 34° 99.5m
12.7km 0.3km ENE 57° 98.4m
12.8km 0.2km NE 31° 97.7m
12.9km 0.1km On to the rail road bed, gradual downhill grade. S 163° 100m
13.2km 0.3km S 170° 98.2m
13.3km 0.1km S 165° 98.6m
13.7km 0.3km S 170° 92.8m
13.8km 0.1km SSW 182° 91.3m
13.9km 0.1km Hang a left after the train bridge and down the short hill. ENE 61° 83.1m
13.9km 0km Trail runs along the train tracks. Flat trail goes under Harbor.. ENE 50° 83.8m
14km 0.1km ENE 66° 86.1m
14.2km 0.2km ENE 48° 86.5m
14.4km 0.2km Really tight low-gear up-hill u-turn SSW 188° 86.2m
14.4km 0km SW 211° 85m
14.5km 0.1km Downhill to golf course. S 175° 90.7m
14.7km 0.2km S 165° 87.8m
15km 0.4km SE 115° 79.1m
15.1km 0.1km SE 127° 74.1m
15.1km 0.1km SSE 150° 77.4m
15.3km 0.1km Cut under street via the drainage tunnel. SE 133° 73.3m
15.4km 0.1km Sandy rolling trail through the flood drainage area. There are multiple trails through this area. S 162° 70.5m
15.6km 0.3km Turn left here to go up to Brea and Bastanchury. SSE 147° 72.5m
15.9km 0.2km SW 223° 69.7m
16km 0.1km SSW 202° 69.7m
16km 0km Drop gears, steep climb SSE 148° 70.8m
16.1km 0.1km Levels off. S 158° 78.7m
16.2km 0.1km SW 221° 81.7m
16.4km 0.2km Steep downhill to street. WSW 229° 105.4m
16.5km 0km SE 127° 99.3m
16.5km 0km SSW 193° 100.2m
16.7km 0.2km WNW 270° 64.1m
16.8km 0.1km W 253° 65.1m
16.8km 0km Straigh run down Harbor to home S 164° 66.5m
17.4km 0.5km SSE 151° 65m
17.5km 0.1km cut through parking lot. SW 213° 57.1m
17.6km 0.1km S 173° 67.1m
17.9km 0.3km Home. good ride! WSW 238° 65.7m