United Kingdom > England > Colchester : Frinton, Holland, Kirby (x2) footpath run  
by dirtydingus


The way points of this running / walking route:


Starting at the end of Fourth Avenue because its a place where parking is generally available

Going down to the promenade is optional. If you don't want to do it just stay on the greensward

I always prefer staying on the top of the sea wall but you can run on the beach or on the path on the inland side

Now get off the sea wall and head across the golfcourse following the Bridleway sign


Great Holland

I think this is the footpath - there's only one sign and it is marked if the map is slightly wrong

OK nasty road for a few yards - sorry. Cross over and stay on the pavement

Buy some fruit here if you wish, then take the marked public footpath

Again not 100% sure this is the right spot. Anyway its the only point where you have a footpath heading left and straight on

Kirby Cross

Mind the trains

Cross over the road then turn right

Think you may be able to go up this lane instead of the next one

Follow the public footpath signs

Cross over the stile

Take the footpath again

Kirby Cross

Cross over the ditch at the obvious spot to go into the churchyard

Straight on is also fine...


There are a multitde of choices for going through the Freituna estate, this is just one of them.

One obvious choice here is to continue straight on to the greensward and then head straight back.

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