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This is a cue sheet for the Frinton, Holland, Kirby (x2) footpath run Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km Frinton Starting at the end of Fourth Avenue because its a place where parking is generally available S 164° 0m
0.2km 0.2km Going down to the promenade is optional. If you don't want to do it just stay on the greensward SW 212° 0m
0.5km 0.4km I always prefer staying on the top of the sea wall but you can run on the beach or on the path on the inland side SW 223° 0m
1.1km 0.6km Now get off the sea wall and head across the golfcourse following the Bridleway sign NW 310° 0m
1.2km 0.1km Fore! NNW 325° 0m
3km 1.8km Great Holland W 253° 0m
3.1km 0.2km I think this is the footpath - there's only one sign and it is marked if the map is slightly wrong NNW 355° 0m
4.1km 1km OK nasty road for a few yards - sorry. Cross over and stay on the pavement WNW 286° 0m
5.2km 1.1km Buy some fruit here if you wish, then take the marked public footpath E 69° 0m
5.5km 0.3km Again not 100% sure this is the right spot. Anyway its the only point where you have a footpath heading left and straight on NNW 350° 0m
5.9km 0.4km Kirby Cross Mind the trains NNE 14° 0m
6.1km 0.2km Cross over the road then turn right ESE 101° 0m
6.4km 0.2km Think you may be able to go up this lane instead of the next one SE 118° 0m
6.5km 0.1km Follow the public footpath signs NE 36° 0m
7km 0.5km Cross over the stile ENE 63° 0m
7.4km 0.4km Take the footpath again NNE 0m
7.8km 0.4km Kirby Cross NNW 356° 0m
8km 0.1km Cross over the ditch at the obvious spot to go into the churchyard NNE 0m
8.7km 0.7km Straight on is also fine... NE 35° 0m
10.9km 2.2km Frinton There are a multitde of choices for going through the Freituna estate, this is just one of them. ESE 109° 0m
13.3km 2.4km One obvious choice here is to continue straight on to the greensward and then head straight back. WSW 226° 0m
15.6km 2.3km SW 220° 0m