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RSS [?] Running & Walking Routes in United States

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Grant Park 5 mi. pamahern Jul 9th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 7.1km Running, Walking, Intermediate, Urban, Safe
Dim Sum Fun Fun - Canton House jdwisard Jun 27th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 19.6km On Road, Urban
Crystal Cove State Beach, Ca tonisalas Jun 19th United States > California > Corona del mar 5km Running, Walking, Hiking, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Intermediate, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
7mi double hills work run Brijax29 Jun 17th United States > Washington > Seattle 11.3km
Walk to Arroyo Park rlongo76 Jun 14th United States > California > Yorba Linda 0.7km
Passing through: Yorba Ranch Rd / Via Ramon, Arroyo Park
Oakland Cemetery - Sleeping Lion kyletorok Jun 11th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 0.7km On Road, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Oakland Cemetery, Bell Tower/Visitor Center, Sleeping Lion
Mobile Social - 06.10.2011 kyletorok Jun 10th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 13km On Road, Intermediate, Scenic, Urban, Safe
Passing through: START, The PDL, Atkins Park
We're No Suckers When It Comes to Style - The Mobile Social: Part IV (JUNE) jdwisard Jun 8th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 18.9km
5 mile trail work run Brijax29 Jun 3rd United States > Washington > Bothell 8km Running, Offroad, Intermediate, Scenic, Safe, Good surface
Mobile Social - June 2011 jett Jun 2nd United States > Georgia > Atlanta 14.6km On Road, Intermediate, Urban
Passing through: Capitol, Atkins Park
SOLEFUL STRUTTERS - LUNCH HR WALK nlizarraga1 May 27th United States > California > El Segundo 3.7km Walking, Easy, Intermediate, Safe
SOLEFUL STRUTTERS - HILL TOP EL SEGUNDO nlizarraga1 May 27th United States > California > El Segundo 4.6km
Walk to Cafe Rio nlizarraga1 May 27th United States > California > El Segundo 5.4km Walking, Urban
Candler Park - Clifton - Ponce pamahern May 10th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 4.4km Running, Walking, Easy, Urban, Safe
Candler Park PATH pamahern May 10th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 3.9km Running, Walking, Easy, Urban, Safe
Alexandria, VA west end to Mt. Vernon plr33 May 7th United States > Virginia > Alexandria 22km Running, Walking, On Road, Easy, Intermediate, Scenic, Urban, Safe, Good surface
SWEET BeltLine Bike Tour 2011 with cues and turns warmstor May 7th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 7km
Passing through: START: Historic Water Tower, LEFT / NORTH on Simpson, LEFT Highland, INTERPRETIVE: 54 Columns, RIGHT Rankin, INTERPRETIVE: Historic Fourth Ward Park, Ponce Springs, City Hall East, Ponce Amusment Park, Ponce Park, famous magnolia tree, RIGHT North Ave, RIGHT Somerset Terrace, bear LEFT into parking lot, SOUTH in parking lot along Two Urban Licks, Phone Factory, LEFT Ralph McGill, LEFT onto PATH trail, RIGHT (southeast) stay on PATH trail, cross Freedom Pkwy at crosswalk, reenter PATH trail at SW corner of Freedom Pkwy & N. Highland, INTERPRETIVE: Carter Center, continue on PATH trail, OPTIONAL: tired riders can shortcut, SOUTH on Sampson to return to water tower, CONTINUE on PATH trail, cross Boulevard at ped crosswalk, LEFT Boulevard, cross Auburn, then, immediate RIGHT into King Center (reflecting pool area), INTERPRETIVE: MLK Center, King Historic District, EAST on Auburn, INTERPRETIVE: MLK Birth House (501 Auburn), bear LEFT / northeast to stay on Auburn, FINISH: water tower
Marines PFT route Zandy12 May 2nd United States > Louisiana > Chalmette 2.9km Running, Walking, Easy, Scenic, Urban
Passing through: Main Gate , End loop 1, End point
Fusion-io Porcupine 5K Out-n-back eshober Apr 29th United States > Utah > Salt Lake City 2.6km Running, Urban
easy/short route, North Austin rgon23 Apr 22nd United States > Texas > Austin 8.3km Easy, Scenic
Shoal Creek/Lady Bird Lake/ Springdale rgon23 Apr 21st United States > Texas > Austin 33.9km Intermediate
Passing through: Travis Station, Shoal Creek - Lady bird Lake
Travis Station/Springdale/LadyBirdTrail/Zilker Park rgon23 Apr 21st United States > Texas > Austin 21.9km Easy
Passing through: Zilker park, volleyball courts @ Zilker
15.5 det - ham - det DETROIT THREADS Apr 18th United States > Michigan > Inkster 24.9km
Grand Ridge Trail 5 mile loop greenapple Apr 18th United States > Washington > Issaquah 9.1km Running, Walking, Hiking, Difficult
Fusion-io Bywater Park 5 Mile Out-n-Back eshober Apr 14th United States > Utah > Salt Lake City 4km Running, Difficult, Urban
bike training cutspud Apr 12th United States > Florida > Port Charlotte 18.4km
Easy bike route cutspud Apr 12th United States > Florida > Port Charlotte 12.7km On Road, Scenic, Urban, Safe
jeff1 harryg Apr 9th United States > Georgia > Smyrna 9.8km Poor surface
Passing through: Smyrna
4 mile loop greenapple Apr 9th United States > Washington > Kirkland 5.8km Running, On Road
After work run - 04.06.2011 vegcyclist Apr 7th United States > Georgia > Atlanta 9.6km Running, On Road, Easy, Urban, Good surface

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