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RSS [?] Running & Walking Routes in Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Katoomba Codhers StrollingSenior Jun 20th Australia > New South Wales > Katoomba 5.1km On Road, Easy, Urban
Passing through: Katoomba
lower grose crez Aug 16th Australia > New South Wales > Katoomba 3.3km Hiking, Intermediate, Poor surface
Blue Mountain Bike Trails Bluemountainbike Oct 24th Australia > New South Wales > Katoomba 75.3km
Passing through: Anderson Fire Trail, Blue Mountain Bikes Australia
Lockley Pylon - Blue Mountains National Park Comic Book Guy May 19th Australia > New South Wales > Katoomba 6.6km Hiking, Offroad, Intermediate, Scenic, Good surface
six foot track bushwalker Jan 5th Australia > New South Wales > Katoomba 42.2km Hiking, Intermediate, Rural, Good surface
Passing through: explorers tree, megalong valley rd, old ford reserve, cox river camp, alum creek camp, warlock fire trail, bulls creek firetrail, black range camp, jenolan caves rd
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