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RSS [?] Running / Walking Routes submitted by nickedwards

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Found 7 routes in 0.001s

Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
1.5 park loop to north rd nickedwards Sep 3rd 6.1km
Elwood to Grey St nickedwards Aug 5th 5.7km
Elsty Loop nickedwards Jun 28th 2.8km
Elsty Loop 1 - Twice around the GC nickedwards Jun 28th 4.6km
Elsty Loop 2 - twice around the park nickedwards Jun 28th 4.4km
2a Lorne Grove to 'The Boulevard' nickedwards May 3rd 7.5km
The baths to st kilda marnina burner nickedwards Apr 6th 4.2km
Passing through: Brighton
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