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RSS [?] Running / Walking Routes submitted by MooMobile

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Regatta Centre 5 KM MooMobile May 28th Australia > New South Wales > Penrith 5km Running, Walking, On Road, Easy, Good surface
5/10 km Bringelly Route MooMobile Mar 29th Australia > New South Wales > Penrith 5km Running, On Road, Easy
The Mile Run- Jamo MooMobile Mar 19th Australia > New South Wales > Penrith 1.6km Running, Walking
Passing through: Penrith
2.5 km Jamison Park MooMobile Feb 8th 2.5km
Penrith River Run, full 7km MooMobile Jan 29th 7km Running, Walking, Scenic, Urban, Good surface
Penrith High School Cross Country MooMobile Jan 29th 1.9km Running
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