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RSS [?] Running / Walking Routes submitted by Bare foot Jay

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
howth to sutton dart... Bare foot Jay Apr 16th Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 12.6km Walking, Hiking, On Road, Offroad, Easy, Scenic, Poor surface, Good surface
blackrock to ticnock mountain loops... Bare foot Jay Jan 23rd Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 30.2km Running, Hiking, On Road, Offroad, Difficult, Scenic, Poor surface
blackrock to dalkey back via sandycove.. Bare foot Jay Jan 19th Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 17.4km Running, On Road, Easy
black /r to glasthule & back to bootertown then black /r.. Bare foot Jay Jan 18th Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 11.4km Running, On Road, Easy, Scenic
Passing through: blackrock to glasthule then back..
blackrock to sandycove & back all over the place!!.. Bare foot Jay Jan 15th Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 20.8km Running, On Road, Offroad
15k black rock to east pier & back then to bootertown, M/ merrion then B/rock.. Bare foot Jay Jan 11th Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 15.5km Running
killtoom to athlone town & back.. Bare foot Jay Dec 23rd Ireland > Westmeath > Athlone 11.1km Running, On Road, Intermediate
blackrock to sandycove tower & back... Bare foot Jay Dec 23rd Ireland > Dublin > Dublin 8km Running, Scenic
Passing through: sandycove, blackrock to sandycove & back...
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