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This is a cue sheet for the Creech St Michael Circular Walk 10 Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km The Bell - Creech St Michael Follow St Michael Road downhill SE 115° 24m
0.6km 0.6km Turn right over stile and follow riverside path to Ruishton WNW 282° 10m
1.5km 0.9km Ruishton Turn left onto Cheats Road follow to the end SSE 147° 12m
2.1km 0.6km Turn left down path to the side of the road ENE 47° 10m
2.2km 0.1km Turn left up steep bank follow path take care of the edge NNE 12m
2.5km 0.3km Turn right and follow riverside path E 77° 11m
2.8km 0.3km Turn left onto St Michael Road NE 28° 10m
3km 0.2km Turn right then bear left up Vicarage Lane ESE 100° 11m
3.2km 0.2km Turn left and follow road to the canal NNW 350° 13m
3.3km 0.2km Go up path to the left the fence NNW 354° 16m
3.4km 0.1km turn left onto cut through W 252° 20m
3.4km 0km Turn right up Ryesland Way NNW 320° 20m
3.6km 0.2km Turn right onto St Michael and return to the start WNW 281° 22m
3.7km 0.1km The Bell - Creech St Michael NNW 336° 24m