United States > Massachusetts > Winchester : Winchester Center to My house Loop  
by jdearman77


The way points of this running / walking route:

Winchester Center Train Station

Get off the train and exit the ramp at the far end of the patform when you step off the train I believe its to your left. Walk down the ramp and you'll be at the rotary. walk around the rotary to your right following the circle. You'll see bookends on your right and nelsons cafe. Just after nelsons cafe (the 3rd street) you'll see a road paralleling the train tracks a one way shore Rd. - Walk down Shore Rd. along the train tracks past the Arthur Griffin Center ( A photography museum) and follow shore Rd. to the end you'll see Judkins Pond on your right. At the traffic light cross skillings road and keep going onto the driveway to the High School which will be on your right, train tracks on your left. Follow the pathway to the end andyou'll be at spruce st. go up spruce st. *(straight) to the next intersection which will be Oak St. Bang a quick right at Oak and then a quick left onto Holland. Follow Holland St to the corner where Swanton St. Deli is and babies chips cookie company/bakery. Quick right then Quick Left from Swanton St. onto Florence St. and follow florence all the way to the end through a residential victorian italian neighborhood ("Little Italy") and you'll be at my street. Irving St. Turn right onto irving and go down about halfway and a yellow house on the left is mine.

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