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The way points of this running / walking route:


Col des Trois Termes

Turn right when you reach the top of the climb, just by the sign saying Foret Domainiale de l'Esterel

Bear left at the fork

Great viewpoint looking back to Cannes etc.

Path doubles back and has a short scramble. Very very beautiful

When you get to the forest track go straight on not downhill

Go down and take a look at the pond. Very scenic.

La Duchesse

Note the sharp turn right about 100m after the junction. To the left the GR51 descends and eventually goes back to the viewpoint a couple of spots ago

Poor footing here and intermittently from here to the top

Mont Vinaigre

The top. Enjoy the view. Then go back the way you came

Stay on the lower path if you decide to skip the pond on the way back

Viewpoint looking towards Mont Vinaigre

Viewpoint back to the rocks you did on the outtrail. Now you go the other way back to Trois Termes sticking on the main track

Col des Suvieres

Look back here for nice views including a final view of Mont Vinaigre. Turn left to return to the Trois Termes

Col des Trois Termes

Its all downhill on tarmac from here.

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