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Parking is available in the small lot by at the bottom of High Holborn Hill. Come out of the lot on foot and turn right following St Judith's Lane.

Archers Wood

This is the entrance to Archers Wood. You are really on your own here, there is a map just inside the wood. Study it and go wander about. This is a lovely wood with benches scattered about for sitting on. Except for the A1(m) being so close and the noise from traffic it's quite a nice place to walk around and enjoy the relative peace.

Archers Wood (leaving)

Exit by the same way you came in and turn left.

Public Foot Path

This is the start of the real off-road area. This is a bit of a farm track, the path way is rutted and uneven. Care should be taken along here.

Ancient Wood Corner

This is one corner of the Ancient Wood. From here you can either follow my trail to eventually enter the wood, or if you go right at this point you'll skirt the outside of the wood and eventually meet up with my track further on.

Ancient Wood

This is one the official entrances into the Ancient Wood. There wasn't a map that I could see (or noticed), I just walked and chose random turnings and paths keeping an eye on the bearing to the far corner of the wood that I wanted to exit from. The pathways I used in the wood were rather smooth and nearly completely dry. Given more time I would have covered more of the wood.

Ancient Wood (exit)

Public Foot Path

Stay to the right side here.. I followed on the left side of the break between the fields, that's fine, but really you'll want to stay to the right.

Kissing Gate

Through the kissing gate here, you can either stay to the right of the tree line to walk along the allotments or go to the left and walk down on the park side of the tree line.

Sawtry (finish)

Back to the car park again.

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