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by dirtydingus


The way points of this running / walking route:

Nans (St Vallier de Thiey)

Start is the obvious carpark off the RN85 aka RD6085 by the Pont de Nans

Turn left on track up (this is well signed) and follow the yellow blobs

The track will work too but I think the path is better

Source de Thiey

Splash some water on yoyurself to cool down from the source

Montagne de Thiey

Enjoy the magnificent views from the top

Keep on going by the ridge top following the cairns. Don't get sucked into the woods like we did

The cairns now start taking you away from the ridge - follow 'em

The map says there is a path to the right going back under the electricity cable. This appears to be a lie.

Tarmac for a bit - sorry


Enjoy the chapel and village "square"

The path heads off right and down. It is signed but the sign isn't exactly obvios

A slightly longer course will bear left at the sign post #212 and then take the Vieux chemin de Canaux back. It may be flatter...


The Santier de Nans appears on the left here at post 127. Taking it is a pleasant detour

Admire the huge old dead tree

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