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The way points of this running / walking route:


Nahant Beach - Lynn Shores Reservation


Follow the Nahant Bike path along the beach to Tides Restaurant (A great place to eat, right on the water). From there follow the sidewalk to Little Nahant and turn left onto Wilson Road. Follow the Loop around little nahant rd. back to Nahant Rd.


At Castle Rd. bear to the right fork. Follow Castle rd. turn left onto Hill Rd, which will become Fox hill Rd. Follow Fox Hill Rd. to Flash Rd, and turn right. This will take you back to Castle Rd. turn left. There'll be a convenience store on your left on Castle Rd if you need something to eat or drink.


At Gardner Rd. turn right follow to Sea Breeze Lane, turn right onto Sea Breeze Lane to the point which offers nice views. Back track and continue down Bass Point Rd to Trimountain Rd. turn left onto Trimmountain Rd. and then follow the road around to the right to the parkland. There is a park here by the Kelley Golf course you can walk across to Willow Rd. Nice Views from the trails and gazebo.


Cross the park and you will be at Kelley greens Golf Course on your left. Follow Willow Rd, past the golf course which will lead you into downtown Nahant. And nahant Harbor will be on your right.


From here follow Will road to Vernon St. take a right follow Vernont St. which will hook around to the left and become Nahant Rd. Follow Nahant Rd along the Cliffs which you can see the ocean from off to your right. Follow Nahant Road through more of downtown Nahant Center, (there will be another convenience store on your right near the government buildings)


Follow Nahant Rd. back to the Causeway and the bike path back to the parking area after a bite to eat at Tides Restaurant and a nice view of the sunset over the water.

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