Longer training run.  
by runRedRUN


The way points of this running / walking route:

WM Hunt Reserve (Porties)

Start from drive-in. Car parking available.

Cross new Rd.

Cross R.Rd to face oncoming traffic! .... it's ONLY them that are important!!!!! ... not walkers, cyclists, runners or walking the doggie!

0.5k point.

passing upgraded Wet Lands areas.

Morning & evening frog noise time! :-)

1 k point.

Wooden River walk bridge .

Turn to the walk bridge -safer!

Perry's Bend

2k point.

3K point.

4k point.

5k point.

6k point.

8k point.

Now on Hazeltine Drive

turned right onto dirt track down onto Hazeltine Drive.

left onto The Crescent.

not busy road so safe and smooth.

Grand Boulevard

left onto Grand Boulevard -and follow south and around bend to be north then.

9k point.

10k point.

Turn left onto dalkeith Rd.

downhill now.

12k point.

13k point

just before RHS Gulf St.

14k point.

passing Cliff Ave.

15K point.

Onka River mouth.

fox often here -and goes down cliff face.

Now opp my old home 138. -should NEVER have sold!!!

Onto Weatherald Tce.

16k point.

stairs up to Jane's place.

now opp our 2nd 'sold' house -idiots!

now opp dad & mums old house.

now opp dad & mums last house -& caretakers property(before sold & rebuilt)

NOW their old house.

17k point.

crossing Onka River into Porties.

18k point.

cross over River Rd up to Murray Rd & trun right up hill.

19k point.

Off Old Honeypot Rd and onto River Rd. -west.

20k point.

Perry Park Nursing Home.


turn-around point @ road cross point.

21k point.

near end of 'half' marathon training distance.

21.1k END!

opp east fence of Perry Park Nursing Home property.

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