France > Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur > Cannes : La Napoule, Maure Vieil, Col de la Cadière circuit  
by dirtydingus


The way points of this running / walking route:

La Napoule

Port de la Rague

better to go down and under the main road

Go up at the signed point

zigzag back ignoring the "chateau sign". If you'd come up earlier you would be on that path

take the left hand fork to go up on the ridge. The RH fork will get you to the same place but it is more windy - but IIRC is also shadier

Maure Vieil

The track left is a dead end. Right takes you to the road and a tarmac descent. The path left/straight on is probably more pleasant that the road

You can if you go left here and up into the Mimosas for a bit. Turn right at the obvious point after c.500m to rejoin the main path

Turn left off the tarmac

Can turn right and take the path across the Pont Sarazin here. Its a good deal further and takes you up Mpnt St Martin and the Oeufs de Bouc

Col de la Cadière

If you want to extend the outing there are lots of alternatives here.

Keep straight on unless you want to add some more distance

Bear right and up hill on the wide track

Bear right following the "Piste de Californie" sign (note the GPS lyingly says we went a bit off course - we stayed on the path)

Enjoy the view and bear left on the path under the electricity cables

As a general rule from this point head downhill

don't go directly to the road. Its a steep drop. Path bears left and joins the road at the hairpin bend


Its actually shorer to bear right at the junction but it gets you to the same place so it doesn't really matter

The left dead ends, as we discoivered

Note the short cut down the steps on the right

La Napoule

Option to turn right here cross over the railway on the footbridge to go down to the beach and along there instead

Instead of going down to the Port de la Rague you should be able to go up the road here and get on a path.

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