United States > North Carolina > Charlotte : Clark's Creek/ Mallard Creek Greenway  
by blaizesinstar


The way points of this running / walking route:

Resarch Park

To your immediate left is a good shortcut back to your starting point, but it works best in the winter when things aren't so overgrown.

Research Park

Be on the lookout for a Blue Heron while walking around here; he makes frequent appearances in the creek.

Research Park

There's always honeysuckle at the corner to your left during the summer.

Research Park

If you're in an adventurous mood, take a peek in the bamboo that lies to your right along this path. There are gorgeous little spots by the creek that are hidden by the bamboo, and they are wonderful places for sitting and relaxing.

Most of the side paths around here lead to privately owned land, but don't worry about exploring and accidentally going someplace that you shouldn't. The off-limits paths are clearly marked.

I'm not sure if this is a private field, but when the grass is cut it provides an excellent place to play.

Don't worry. You go under the interstate.

To your left is the remnant of a highway that was suposed to be built years ago but never made it. It looks a little like a castle, and provides an interesting photo opportunity. If you look across the creek, you can see the other half of the structure.

Look for wildlife in the marshes to your left. Depending on how much water is down there, ducks and other waterfowl love to dwell amongst the trees.

Kirk Family Fields

A good set of soccer fields; also a place to park if you want to do the reverse version of this route. It's open to the public, but watch out! The field gets soggy when it rains.

Floodplain Forest

You finished! Reward yourself by enjoying the beautiful boardwalk through the University Area floodplain.

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