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The way points of this running / walking route:


Turn left at the sign - going straight on is the GR4 if you want to skip seeing the borrie

The borrie is clearly signed as a descent at the juntion of paths once you emerge from the stream valley

The Borrie

Under the electricity cables there is a path that wiggles up the hill left - take this instead of going all the way back to the GR4

The GR4 appears just before you get to a building. Take this and don't stay ont he track

You've done the major up now its easy...

If you don't feel like going to the observatory you can take the signed trail right

The highest point is in fact a water tank. You can climb on it and admire the giant golf ball in the seawards direction

continue straight on pass the stone building

The path turns sharp right here. It is marked with a couple of cairns and a faded yellow paint stripe but it's easy to miss

As you start the descent into the valley stop following the vehicle track as the path contours through the wood on the right. Again it is marked with a cairn and faded yellow paint blob but it's easy to miss

you need to cross the track not stay on it

again do not be distracted by vehicle tracks

Now you join a track and stay on it all the way back to the original turn off to the borrie just above Cipieres

The yellow marked path is supposed to contune contouring around here but it's extremely overgrown so don't try it

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