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RSS [?] Running & Walking Routes in Netherlands

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Route Contributor Last Updated Where Distance Tags
Strand kbrouwers Apr 17th Netherlands > Noord-Holland > Amsterdam 14.9km
rondje eilanden kbrouwers Apr 17th Netherlands > Noord-Holland > Amsterdam 9.9km Running
Delftse Hout 10km Frakn Apr 5th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Delft 9.9km
dordrecht 7.5k gurbbb Feb 28th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Dordrecht 7.4km
dronrijp,swette,leeuwarden rokinrob Feb 28th Netherlands > Friesland > Leeuwarden 20.7km Running, Scenic
Rondje KNMI / wokkel / rijnauwen Pauline11 Feb 5th Netherlands > Utrecht > Utrecht 13.9km
Aa-Zicht Lunch-route. Route verkrijgbaar bij Aa-Zicht Nov 11th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Zoetermeer 10.6km
Passing through: Aa-zicht
heiloo 10 rhapsody Oct 18th Netherlands > Noord-Holland > Alkmaar 9.4km
Rondom Noord AA met extra stuk bij Geertje parkpop Sep 19th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Zoetermeer 12.9km
Wageningen-Hoog 15km Jolanda Aug 13th Netherlands > Gelderland > Wageningen 8.8km Running, Walking, Good surface
Wageningen-Hoog route (6km) Jolanda Aug 13th Netherlands > Gelderland > Wageningen 6km Running, Walking, Good surface
Passing through: Gelderland
zwinderen, nlande, dpeel, ballast, zwinderen rokinrob Aug 9th Netherlands > Drenthe > Emmen 27km Running, On Road, Scenic
makro binnendoor geursk Jul 30th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Delft 11.3km Running
Ritsumazijl rokinrob Jun 14th Netherlands > Friesland > Leeuwarden 10.5km Running, On Road, Scenic
Business trip larsboye May 31st Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Delft 7.9km Running, On Road, Easy, Urban, Good surface
Goutum, Nijlan rokinrob May 17th Netherlands > Friesland > Leeuwarden 9.8km Running, On Road
Passing through: Goutum, Nijlan
Rondje Delftse Hout 7.1km Frakn Apr 22nd Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Delft 7.1km Running, On Road, Easy, Scenic, Good surface
ritsumazijl rokinrob Mar 29th Netherlands > Friesland > Leeuwarden 13.9km Running, On Road, Scenic
Route 1, 2 km, 11032009 Neorey Mar 24th Netherlands > Overijssel > Enschede 1.8km Running
route 2, 2.5 km 24032009 Neorey Mar 24th Netherlands > Overijssel > Enschede 2.4km
idaard/warga rokinrob Mar 22nd Netherlands > Friesland > Leeuwarden 25.7km Running
klein rondje zevenhuizen di_hildi Jan 18th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Rotterdam 6km Running
rondje 't haantje groot geursk Jan 10th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Delft 13.6km Running
Noord AA rond Stadshart Kangoeroepad Zoeterhage bedrijventerrein Oosterheem parkpop Jan 9th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Zoetermeer 14.5km Running, On Road, Intermediate, Urban, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Zoetermeer
huis - maasland - de lier - huis wilco63 Dec 15th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Delft 18.2km Running
Via Noord AA en Geertje parkpop Nov 29th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Zoetermeer 17.7km Running, On Road, Intermediate, Rural, Unsafe
Passing through: Zoetermeer
rondje golfbaan, schipluiden, negenhuizen, abswoude pronk01 Nov 10th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Delft 13.3km Running, Walking, On Road, Easy, Safe
Passing through: Delft
Delft rondje golfbaan 8,2 km pronk01 Nov 10th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Delft 8.1km Running, Walking, Easy, Good surface
Passing through: Delft rondje golfbaan
Noord AA rondom via gemaal de Leyens parkpop Oct 25th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Zoetermeer 8.9km Easy, Rural, Safe, Good surface
Passing through: Zoetermeer
Delft - Hoek v Holland - kijkduin wilco63 Oct 17th Netherlands > Zuid-Holland > Delft 35.7km

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