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This is a cue sheet for the Pt.Noarlunga to finish 73for73. Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km Old SA Parliament House. finish point for 73for73 E 86° 0m
16.3km 16.3km Currie St, Adelaide. E 87° 0m
17.8km 1.5km Rundle St, Adelaide W 266° 0m
23.3km 5.5km o'O'Connell St, Nth. Adelaide. S 161° 0m
28.2km 5km London Hotel. Nth Tce, Adel. NNE 11° 0m
29.4km 1.2km North Tce, Adelaide. W 267° 0m
29.6km 0.2km West Tce, Adelaide. S 176° 0m
30.6km 0.9km Hindley St, Adelaide. E 87° 0m
31.2km 0.6km Rundle Mall, Adelaide E 87° 0m
31.4km 0.2km Pulteney St, Adelaide. S 177° 0m
31.7km 0.3km Pirie St, Adelaide. SSE 147° 0m
32.1km 0.4km Pulteney St, Adelaide. SSE 157° 0m
32.7km 0.6km Hutt St, Adelaide. S 176° 0m
33.2km 0.5km Wakefield St, Adelaide. W 267° 0m
34.3km 1.2km Grote St, Adelaide. W 266° 0m
34.9km 0.6km Adelaide Oval. 1st lap of the SW 207° 0m
35.3km 0.4km West Tce, Adelaide. S 175° 0m
36.7km 1.5km Keswick SW 215° 0m
37km 0.3km Keswick. SW 217° 0m
37.5km 0.5km Ashford SW 215° 0m
38.1km 0.6km Everard Park. S 179° 0m
38.3km 0.2km Everard Park S 176° 0m
38.9km 0.6km Black Forrest. S 176° 0m
39.3km 0.4km Black Forest. SSW 190° 0m
39.4km 0.1km Black Forest S 173° 0m
40km 0.6km Edwardstown. S 177° 0m
40.3km 0.3km Clarence Gardens S 176° 0m
41.2km 0.9km Edwardstown S 176° 0m
41.9km 0.8km Melrose Park. S 175° 0m
42.2km 0.2km Melrose Park S 177° 0m
42.7km 0.6km Clovelly Park. S 178° 0m
43.2km 0.4km Clovelly Park. S 177° 0m
43.5km 0.3km Clovelly Park S 175° 0m
44.1km 0.6km St. Marys. S 176° 0m
45.2km 1.1km Mitchell Park. SW 223° 0m
48.1km 2.9km Marion Shopping Centre more people may donate -when get my 'card' NNW 356° 0m
53km 4.9km Bedford park -Flinders Hospital. SSE 154° 0m
53km 0.1km Flinders Hospital WNW 278° 0m
53.4km 0.4km Bedford Park NW 294° 0m
54.3km 0.9km Sturt W 255° 0m
54.4km 0km Sturt. WSW 226° 0m
55.2km 0.8km Seacombe Heights. SSE 152° 0m
57.6km 2.4km O'halloran Hill. SSW 200° 0m
58.5km 0.9km O'Halloran Hill SSW 194° 0m
59.2km 0.7km Trott Park / O'Halloran Hill SSW 196° 0m
61.8km 2.6km Reynella East WSW 230° 0m
64.2km 2.4km reynella. SW 209° 0m
64.3km 0.1km Reynella SW 213° 0m
65.5km 1.2km Lonsdale. SW 224° 0m
67.1km 1.6km Morphett Vale SSW 192° 0m
67.8km 0.7km Expressway Morphett Vale Some elevations on this course. SSW 192° 0m
69.1km 1.3km starting Expressway trail S 177° 0m
70.4km 1.3km Colonnades -Noarlunga Centre W 264° 0m
71.1km 0.7km Christies Beach SW 204° 0m
72.9km 1.8km Port Noarlunga start point -about 4am ? NW 315° 0m