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This is a cue sheet for the Wessex Ridgeway 2 Pilsden Pen - Lower Kingcombe Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km Pilsden Pen Car Park Cross road and follow path up to Pilsden Pen NNW 325° 0m
0.2km 0.2km Bear right NNE 0m
0.5km 0.3km Pilsden Pen NNW 322° 0m
0.6km 0.1km Bear right NNW 349° 0m
0.7km 0.1km Bear left NNW 353° 0m
0.7km 0km Turn right NE 43° 0m
1.1km 0.4km Turn left NNW 353° 0m
1.4km 0.4km Lower Newnham Farm Go straight through farm yard NNE 0m
1.5km 0.1km Bear right across field NE 38° 0m
1.8km 0.3km Bear right across field ENE 65° 0m
2.2km 0.4km Turn right S 176° 0m
2.8km 0.7km Turn right for Courtwood farm campsite SSW 202° 0m
3km 0.2km Turn left onto road SSE 157° 0m
3.2km 0.2km Turn right ESE 106° 0m
3.2km 0km Bear left into field E 76° 0m
5.4km 2.2km Cross road and go through farm yard NNW 345° 0m
5.5km 0km Stoke Knapp Farm NNE 19° 0m
5.5km 0km Bear right ENE 45° 0m
6.5km 1km Bear right SSE 139° 0m
6.8km 0.3km Chart Knolle Turn left ENE 62° 0m
6.8km 0km Turn right ESE 93° 0m
6.9km 0.1km Turn right SE 120° 0m
7.6km 0.7km Bear right across field ESE 102° 0m
7.7km 0.1km Bear left W 270° 0m
7.8km 0km Turn right SE 123° 0m
7.9km 0.1km Turn left NE 41° 0m
8.3km 0.5km Turn right ESE 104° 0m
8.4km 0km Bear left across field E 72° 0m
8.6km 0.2km Bear left NE 24° 0m
8.6km 0km Turn right onto road ESE 112° 0m
8.7km 0.1km Turn left ENE 57° 0m
8.7km 0km Turn right off road ESE 107° 0m
9.2km 0.5km Continue straight on down the road E 88° 0m
9.4km 0.2km Turn left ENE 46° 0m
9.5km 0.1km Beaminster ENE 53° 0m
9.5km 0km Cross road to the pub SE 116° 0m
9.5km 0km The Greyhound Inn - Beaminster Pub NNW 319° 0m
9.5km 0km Turn left onto Fleet Street NE 36° 0m
10.4km 0.9km Newtown NE 32° 0m
11.8km 1.4km Turn right ENE 49° 0m
12.5km 0.7km Turn right off road S 169° 0m
13.1km 0.6km Cross road and continue straight on SE 127° 0m
15.4km 2.3km Turn left onto road ESE 104° 0m
15.6km 0.2km Bear right off road keeping hedge to the right ENE 62° 0m
16.2km 0.6km Toller Whelme Turn right onto road ESE 109° 0m
17.6km 1.4km Turn left SE 135° 0m
17.7km 0.1km Turn left but bear right ENE 64° 0m
18km 0.3km Turn left keeping hedge to the left E 74° 0m
18.4km 0.4km Turn left onto road NNE 0m
18.7km 0.3km Hooke ESE 91° 0m
18.8km 0km Turn left ENE 51° 0m
18.8km 0km Bear right following lane ESE 100° 0m
19.2km 0.4km Cross road and continue on track keeping hedge to right E 87° 0m
19.7km 0.4km Turn right ESE 98° 0m
19.9km 0.3km Turn right ESE 94° 0m
20km 0.1km Rampisham Down E 88° 0m
20.6km 0.5km Turn right onto lane S 174° 0m
20.6km 0.1km Turn left across field SE 131° 0m
21.8km 1.1km Bear right SSW 187° 0m
22.3km 0.5km Turn left SSW 181° 0m
22.7km 0.4km Lower Kingcombe Visitor Centre Car Park SSW 188° 0m