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This is a cue sheet for the The Antonine Wall 7 Polmont to Bo'ness Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km The Black Bull - Polmont. ESE 102° 0m
0.1km 0.1km Left onto Airlie Drive. ENE 50° 0m
0.3km 0.2km Right onto Ashley Road. E 71° 0m
0.4km 0.1km Left onto Bo'Ness Road. NNW 359° 0m
0.5km 0.1km Right onto footpath. ESE 97° 0m
0.7km 0.3km Bear left. E 70° 0m
0.8km 0.1km Bear left. NNW 328° 0m
1.4km 0.5km Left. NNE 11° 0m
1.4km 0km Right. ENE 56° 0m
2.1km 0.7km Cross over Avondale road and over the River Avon. NNE 0m
2.2km 0.1km Right onto the A905. ENE 67° 0m
2.6km 0.4km Right. ESE 96° 0m
4.8km 2.2km Left. NNW 351° 0m
5km 0.3km Right onto footpath. ESE 107° 0m
5.4km 0.4km Site of Kinneil Roman Fort. Left. NNW 344° 0m
5.5km 0.1km Right. ENE 47° 0m
5.7km 0.2km Left. ESE 102° 0m
6km 0.3km Left through hedge. ESE 98° 0m
6.1km 0.1km Continue down the drive of Kinneil House. E 69° 0m
6.5km 0.4km Continue down the A993, Dean Road. SE 113° 0m
7.6km 1.1km Left onto Linlithgow road. NNW 356° 0m
8.4km 0.7km Right onto Seaview Place. NE 40° 0m
8.5km 0.2km Anchor Tavern - Bo'ness. ENE 59° 0m
8.6km 0km Bo'Ness. Right onto North Street. ENE 64° 0m
8.9km 0.3km Left. ENE 51° 0m
9km 0.1km Right NE 43° 0m
9.1km 0km Left over railway lines. NE 26° 0m
9.3km 0.2km Bear right. ENE 56° 0m
9.6km 0.3km Keep left. ESE 109° 0m
10.3km 0.7km Right SE 132° 0m
10.4km 0.2km Right onto Pier Road. SSW 183° 0m
10.7km 0.3km Left into Kinningars Park. ESE 111° 0m
10.9km 0.1km Kinningars Park. SE 135° 0m