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This is a cue sheet for the The Antonine Wall 4 Kirkintilloch to Castlecary Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km Ellisland - Kirkintilloch. E 68° 0m
0km 0km Left through tunnel. NNW 357° 0m
0.1km 0km Left. WNW 276° 0m
0.2km 0.1km Left onto the Forth and Clyde Canal towpath for 2.1 miles. E 87° 0m
3.3km 3.1km Bear right along B8023. NE 35° 0m
3.3km 0km Right onto Main Street. ENE 55° 0m
3.7km 0.3km The Antonine Arms - Twechar. WNW 278° 0m
3.7km 0km Right out of pub. NNW 338° 0m
3.7km 0km Right. ENE 46° 0m
4.4km 0.7km Left to Bar Hill Roman Fort. W 270° 0m
4.6km 0.1km Bear left. NE 32° 0m
4.6km 0.1km Remains of Bar Hill Roman Fort. NNW 333° 0m
4.8km 0.1km Bear right. NE 34° 0m
6.2km 1.4km Cross Howe Road. E 76° 0m
6.3km 0.1km Right. SSE 157° 0m
6.4km 0km Left SE 116° 0m
7.1km 0.8km Bear left. NE 39° 0m
7.5km 0.4km Site of Croy Hill Roman Fort. ENE 59° 0m
8.2km 0.7km Left. NNW 349° 0m
8.4km 0.2km Right. NNE 0m
8.6km 0.2km Right. ESE 91° 0m
9.2km 0.6km Straight on. E 78° 0m
9.6km 0.4km Bear right along Chanticleer Burn. E 69° 0m
9.9km 0.3km Cross under railway line. SSE 137° 0m
9.9km 0km Bear left. E 87° 0m
10.8km 0.9km Site of Westerwood Roman Fort. E 79° 0m
12.7km 1.9km Right onto Wynford Road. SE 131° 0m
12.9km 0.1km Right onto Napier Road. SSW 186° 0m
13.1km 0.2km Napier Road - Castlecary. W 255° 0m