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This is a cue sheet for the Talisman Centre - South Run Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0.2km 0.2km Elbow River Pathway Macleod Trail South underpass SE 132° 1047m
0.4km 0.2km Elbow River Pathway Macleod Trail North underpass SSE 143° 1044m
0.7km 0.3km Elbow River Pathway Olympic Way underpass SE 129° 1046m
1km 0.3km Elbow River Pathway Indian Village, Stampede Grounds NW 293° 1044m
1.2km 0.2km 25th Ave pathway access to 25th Ave, turn left, head east SE 121° 1047m
1.5km 0.3km Spiller Rd cross 25th Ave to Spiller Rd, head south SW 218° 1049m
1.7km 0.2km Union Cemetery enter Union Cemetery head west WSW 228° 1055m
2.1km 0.5km Macleod Trail overpass pedestrian overpass over Macleod Trail, head west to 31st Ave W 264° 1065m
2.2km 0.1km 31st Ave head west W 267° 1069m
2.4km 0.2km Erlton St left on Erlton, head south SSW 183° 1076m
2.7km 0.3km 34th Ave right on 34th Ave, head west W 267° 1069m
3.4km 0.7km Elbow River escarpment cross grassed area to pathway SSW 189° 1079m
3.4km 0km pathway pathway down to Elbow River, west SW 204° 1071m
3.5km 0.1km Elbow River pathway head south on pathway SW 212° 1053m
4.1km 0.6km Elbow River pathway Elbow Drive underpass WNW 279° 1054m
4.3km 0.3km Riverdale Ave pathway ends use Riverdale Ave, heat south/west W 251° 1056m
5.1km 0.8km Elbow River pathway access back on Elbow river pathway, head south SSW 181° 1056m
5.5km 0.4km Bridge cross swinging pedestrian bridge S 172° 1054m
5.8km 0.3km hill continue up the hill on the Elbow River pathway W 255° 1067m
6km 0.2km River Park off leash area, cross park heading north NNW 358° 1088m
7.3km 1.2km 38th Ave from River Park, move onto 38th Ave, head east E 75° 1078m
7.4km 0.2km 13th St left on 13th Street, head north NNE 1078m
7.8km 0.3km 34th Ave right on 34th Ave, head east E 86° 1080m
8km 0.3km 10th St left on 10th Street, head north NNE 1075m
8.3km 0.3km Premier Way cross Premier Way NNE 14° 1073m
8.9km 0.6km Hillcrest Ave turn right on Hillcrest Ave, head east E 85° 1083m
9.5km 0.6km Hillcrest Ave downhill SE 118° 1080m
9.8km 0.3km 25th Ave continue eastward ESE 90° 1060m
10.1km 0.4km Hamilton St/2nd St left on 2nd Street, head north NNE 1052m
10.6km 0.4km 21st Ave right turn on 21st Ave, head east E 85° 1050m
10.6km 0.1km Elbow River cross pedestrian bridge ESE 97° 1050m
10.9km 0.3km Talisman Centre completes a 75 min run ESE 97° 1055m