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This is a cue sheet for the SWEET BeltLine Bike Tour 2011 with cues and turns Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km START: Historic Water Tower ENE 64° 0m
0km 0km LEFT / NORTH on Simpson NNE 0m
0.4km 0.4km LEFT Highland WNW 270° 0m
0.7km 0.2km INTERPRETIVE: 54 Columns NNE 0m
1.3km 0.6km RIGHT Rankin E 85° 0m
1.6km 0.3km INTERPRETIVE: Historic Fourth Ward Park, Ponce Springs, City Hall East, Ponce Amusment Park, Ponce Park, famous magnolia tree NNE 10° 0m
2.1km 0.5km RIGHT North Ave E 90° 0m
2.3km 0.3km RIGHT Somerset Terrace SSW 181° 0m
2.5km 0.2km bear LEFT into parking lot ESE 92° 0m
2.5km 0.1km SOUTH in parking lot along Two Urban Licks, Phone Factory S 159° 0m
2.8km 0.3km LEFT Ralph McGill E 69° 0m
3km 0.1km LEFT onto PATH trail NNW 355° 0m
3.1km 0.1km RIGHT (southeast) stay on PATH trail SSE 151° 0m
3.6km 0.5km cross Freedom Pkwy at crosswalk S 180° 0m
3.6km 0km reenter PATH trail at SW corner of Freedom Pkwy & N. Highland SW 224° 0m
3.7km 0.1km INTERPRETIVE: Carter Center SW 221° 0m
3.7km 0.1km continue on PATH trail SW 210° 0m
5.1km 1.4km OPTIONAL: tired riders can shortcut, SOUTH on Sampson to return to water tower W 263° 0m
5.2km 0km CONTINUE on PATH trail WSW 247° 0m
5.8km 0.6km cross Boulevard at ped crosswalk WSW 231° 0m
5.8km 0km LEFT Boulevard S 180° 0m
6.3km 0.5km cross Auburn, then SW 217° 0m
6.3km 0km immediate RIGHT into King Center (reflecting pool area) WSW 234° 0m
6.3km 0km INTERPRETIVE: MLK Center, King Historic District ENE 62° 0m
6.4km 0km EAST on Auburn E 90° 0m
6.6km 0.2km INTERPRETIVE: MLK Birth House (501 Auburn) E 71° 0m
6.8km 0.2km bear LEFT / northeast to stay on Auburn NE 45° 0m
7km 0.2km FINISH: water tower NE 45° 0m