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This is a cue sheet for the Heritage Run Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km weir NNW 354° 0m
0.8km 0.8km Torrens Lake SE 115° 0m
1.5km 0.6km Rotunda SSW 191° 0m
1.6km 0.2km Adelaide Festival Centre ESE 92° 0m
1.6km 0km Pa S 177° 0m
1.8km 0.2km Pa NW 295° 0m
1.8km 0km Parliament House/ Government House SE 115° 0m
2.1km 0.2km Edmund Wright House E 87° 0m
2.6km 0.6km Marine and Harbours Building E 85° 0m
2.8km 0.2km Moores Department Store ESE 92° 0m
4.1km 1.3km Beresford Arms S 177° 0m
6.2km 2.1km Ayers House NNE 0m
11.1km 4.9km Brompton/Bowden SSW 181° 0m
11.8km 0.6km Burley Griffin Incinerator NW 293° 0m
14.1km 2.3km Hoffman Kiln (Hallett) N 0m
14.5km 0.4km Thebarton Chimney and Boiler S 171° 0m
17km 2.5km Adelaide Gaol ENE 62° 0m
18km 1km Weir- END S 174° 0m