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This is a cue sheet for the Cookham - Winter Hill - Cookham Dean - Cookham circular route (2.5 hours) near Bourne End and Marlow, Buckinghamshire Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km Cookham The car park is a good starting point for this route. It can get flooded and you could end up with muddy boots. Oh and I would recommend good walking boots for this route as it can get wet. NNE 0m
0.1km 0.1km Cookham NW 299° 0m
0.5km 0.5km Golf course can just about be seen on the left and the Thames river to the right NNE 10° 0m
1.2km 0.7km Cross under the railway bridge and keep to the right through the fence. A new fence and gate was recently made. You may see a fallen tree at this point. NW 305° 0m
1.6km 0.4km Past the trees on the right the open flood area can now clearly be seen. Usually it contains cows. NW 293° 0m
1.7km 0.1km A little bridge here shows that the floor area can fill up a bit. WNW 282° 0m
1.9km 0.2km Keep on the path WNW 274° 0m
2.5km 0.5km Path is now gaining steepness and rising above the trees on the right WSW 241° 0m
2.9km 0.4km You are now leaving the main path for the upward path on the left, traveling through woodland and gate. SW 211° 0m
3km 0.1km Winter Hill You now arrive at the top of the path and enter the road to Winter Hill, turn right and keep walking up the road. WSW 237° 0m
3.3km 0.3km Road continues up towards the car park on the right. Good viewing point up on the right. Marlow can be seen very clearly in the distance and the Crown Plaza Hotel complex. WSW 232° 0m
3.5km 0.2km Viewing point WSW 235° 0m
3.7km 0.1km At this point take a right turn towards the right most corner point where the house ends. There is a little path and public right of way. Take this little path to the right of the house wall and follow it round through the woodland area. SW 222° 0m
4.1km 0.4km Continue through the woods bearing left at the end through the woods. WSW 229° 0m
4.2km 0.1km You arrive a good path and take a left turn ESE 100° 0m
4.2km 0km Now take the a right turn on the end of the gardens of adjoining gardens. The path takes you to the main road. SSW 196° 0m
4.4km 0.1km At the road you now take a left turn and at the junction take a right turn. SSE 148° 0m
4.6km 0.2km You will have past some very nice houses on the left and come to the end of these with open fields to the left. Before you walk past the fields take a left turn at the entrance to the farm. You will notice a footpath at the end on the right hand side of the field. Continue up the field path. S 173° 0m
4.8km 0.2km Follow the edge of the field. In winter time the farm rears Free Range Turkey's!!! ESE 97° 0m
5.1km 0.3km At the top of the field you will see a stile. Cross the stile into the tree lined area. Continue on the left though the trees on the muddy path until you come to the hotel and pub. SE 119° 0m
5.2km 0.1km Pub on the corner. Nice place to stop. E 75° 0m
5.4km 0.2km Cross over the common aiming for the top corner. ESE 92° 0m
5.5km 0.1km Walk down Hills Lane E 68° 0m
5.7km 0.2km Uncle Toms Cabin on the right. This is a great watering hole!!!!!! They have good beers.. Keep left onto Wamers Hill road. NNE 0m
5.9km 0.2km Continue down the road and turn right at the bottom NNE 0m
6km 0.1km Turn right through the dean ESE 105° 0m
6.1km 0km Keep left on the Alleyns Lane ESE 102° 0m
6.5km 0.4km Continue up the hill ENE 55° 0m
6.6km 0.1km At the top cross the road straight and stile and continue on the path over the field. SSE 152° 0m
6.7km 0.1km Aim for the houses at the top of the field NE 37° 0m
6.9km 0.2km At the road cross the road straight and you will find the path continues. ENE 51° 0m
7km 0.1km Keep right. You keep to the left of the trees on the right. ESE 105° 0m
7.2km 0.2km You will now see the golf course in front of you. You are aiming to cross the gold course without being hit by a golf ball. It is a public right of way to walk straight across. The path can just about be seen as worn grass. Aim for the outbuildings ahead. ESE 109° 0m
7.4km 0.2km Cross the outbuildings straight through and keep to the rough path. ESE 109° 0m
7.7km 0.3km Cross the public bridge over the railway line then turn right and continue along the path. SSW 199° 0m
7.9km 0.2km Keep to the path SE 127° 0m
8.1km 0.2km At the end of the path you arrive at a car park. Keep left and you will see a metal fence and gate. To the right hand end of the gate is a little gap you can squeeze through. This path is the public footpath. Continue to the bottom of the path past the golf course on the left. SSE 144° 0m
8.3km 0.2km At the bottom turn left the cut right onto the other path and turn right and you return to the original path you came out on. NE 32° 0m
8.7km 0.4km You arrive back at the car park in Cookham!!! SSW 187° 0m