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This is a cue sheet for the Ashton Keynes - South Cerney Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km Start/Finish Car Park E 71° 131.6m
5.3km 5.3km Lunch you should find a log to perch on here, while you scoff your nosh. NW 314° 133.5m
5.9km 0.6km Here you can annoy the fishermen by stamping heavily as you pass. If you don't mind 5lb line around your neck!!! ENE 50° 133.5m
6.4km 0.5km There's a beautiful old lock here with a house you could die for, take a look...and a camera! NNW 349° 131.6m
10.7km 4.4km South Cerney Good pub here if you'd like to eat or just a drink, or two!! SW 204° 139.5m
16.6km 5.8km Ashton Keynes ENE 67° 133.5m
18.7km 2.1km End W 248° 131.6m