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This is a cue sheet for the The Antonine Wall 1 Old Kilpatrick to Bearsden Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km Site of Old Kilpatrick Roman Fort. Follow the Forth and Clyde Canal towpath for 1.7 miles. ESE 103° 0m
2.8km 2.8km Turn left off the Forth & Clyde Canal. E 76° 0m
2.8km 0km Straight along Farm Road. NNE 20° 0m
2.9km 0.1km Right onto Durban Avenue. ENE 62° 0m
3km 0.2km Straight over onto Mountblow Road. NE 38° 0m
3.5km 0.4km Turn right and follow path over the golf course. E 85° 0m
4.2km 0.8km Continue along Glenhead Road. E 73° 0m
4.8km 0.6km Left over the footbridge. ESE 107° 0m
4.9km 0.1km Right ont Duntocher Road. NNW 359° 0m
5km 0.1km Right onto Old Mill Road. E 69° 0m
5.1km 0.1km Left ont Roman Road. NNW 324° 0m
5.4km 0.3km Right into Goldenhill Park. ENE 67° 0m
5.5km 0.2km Site of Duntocher Fort. NNE 0m
5.9km 0.4km Left towards Glasgow Road exit. NNE 15° 0m
6km 0.1km Right onto Glasgow Road. NE 42° 0m
6km 0km The Goldenhill - Hardgate. SSW 183° 0m
6km 0km Left out of the pub. SE 117° 0m
6.1km 0km Right onto the A8014. S 164° 0m
6.5km 0.4km Left onto Cleddans Road. SE 127° 0m
7.6km 1.1km Site of Cleddans Roman Fort. E 85° 0m
8km 0.4km Right onto Monymusk Place. SSE 139° 0m
8.1km 0.1km Left onto Cycle track through Garcadden Wood. E 76° 0m
9.1km 1km Staight over road continue along cycle path. SE 115° 0m
10.4km 1.3km Left onto Drummore Road. SE 124° 0m
10.4km 0.1km Right onto Station Road. SE 126° 0m
11.8km 1.3km The Inn - Bearsden. ENE 58° 0m