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This is a cue sheet for the 7Miler Kielder - Rigg Loop Running / Walking Route. You can print it out for later use.

Cumulative Distance Where Notes Direction Elevation
0km 0km Kielder Water & Forest Park Gentle start along tarmac road to bridge. SSW 182° 0m
0.9km 0.9km Cross bridge and UPHILL to junction WSW 244° 0m
1.1km 0.2km Turn RIGHT along tarmac road W 267° 0m
1.9km 0.8km Tarmac ends after quarry entrance, follow forest track - good surface. Generally UPHILL WSW 226° 0m
2km 0.1km Great views over valley on right WSW 233° 0m
2.5km 0.4km More UPHILL SW 211° 0m
3.6km 1.1km Still going UPHILL WSW 246° 0m
5.1km 1.5km Furthest point E 79° 0m
6km 0.9km Nice DOWNHILL section ENE 64° 0m
6.4km 0.4km Open views to right ENE 67° 0m
8.4km 2km Long UPHILL again. Surface newly graded quite large pebbles/cobbles - hard work E 80° 0m
9km 0.7km Surface not pleasant NNE 20° 0m
9.5km 0.4km DOWNHILL again NNW 321° 0m
10.2km 0.7km Turn RIGHT back onto tarmac and DOWNHILL to bridge NNE 13° 0m
10.4km 0.2km Nice tarmac easy 0.6M run to finish ESE 96° 0m
11.3km 0.9km NNE 0m